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The Toaster..........

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The Toaster in Which Thought He Was a Robot

Happy Robot Day!!!

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ohhh ok

was that all?


not much stuff and animation, but great laugh! :) -two thumbs up-


the toaster: im a robot
guy passing: no youre not


wow , this is the stuff i want to watch every day

Not a bad contribution for Robot Day 2010.

The one thing that got me laughing about the flash was the Rocky theme (or one of them lol) and then going to that quick random scene about the toaster saying he is a robot and then an actual robot comes in with a quickness and says he isn't which was animated quite well then going straight back to the same Rocky theme which equaled out into a good laugh for me,it may haven't been much as a flash but was still a nice contribution for Robot Day 2010.