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For RD2010

I animated this in exactly 12 hours.
Hopefully it isn't that obvious.

I had to start late for robot day due to technical difficulties, but still wanted to participate. I started at 11pm and finished at 11am, so I'm-a kinda sleep deprived. So it got a bit rushed towards the end. :/

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This kind of reminded me of that one machine from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that shows you how insignificant you are compared to the rest of the universe. I don't really agree with the idea that nothing makes us stand out despite and perhaps because of our uniqueness, but I'll spare you my reasons. Nice job.

This, my good sir.

Is one of the best things i have ever seen - it makes you think - it touches you where you havent been touched for so long a time.

Im glad that i saw this flash, it mean a lot to me.

It made me feel empty....

Yet it was really good.


I just dont have enough words to express my thoughts about this video
It's so sad.....but unfortunately so true u.u

An exception..

I think difference, makes each of us exceptional. Wow, beautiful, and so very true. I almost cried, and by the way amazing job.

RionHunter responds:

Yes, but everybody is different.
Everybody is unique.
Like a jigsaw piece.
But there's so much difference and diversity between each person that it becomes bland and common.
Nobody cares much for the one jigsaw piece, they only see the whole picture the pieces create.
How, then, are you an exception?