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Holy Crap Robots!

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This is just a little something that me and thespectre1 and I started working on like...5 days before robot day, so it only has 3 levels and is a lil laggy, but it our first submission, so we feel pretty happy about it. I've also never used a preloader or ads API before so let me know if it is working or not, and how to fix it if it is not



**7/12 - Fixed the bug that made level 3 impossible to get to**
**7/13 - After the last update, the game was screwed up, now it is not, ignore the 3rd and 4th reviews as they are no longer relevent. all is well**

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Looked good but had some bugs.

This Robot Day 2010 game looked good but was quite buggy with the controls cause some times i tried to shoot and nothing would come out which was my main issue with the game but other than that it looked great with it's sleek & smooth movement and solid design,overall it was a decent game with Robot Day 2010.

Can't kill stuff

when you shoot things they don't die, and you can go through them with your shield! also, there should be a jump button.

Impossible to kill anything.

As much as I would have loved to play the rest of this game and challenge myself to see how far I could make it, nothing would die when I shot them. The helicopter wouldn't go down, nor would the turret that was right in front of me. Either the hit detection is impossibly precise, or you just never added hit detection in the first place! Please, please make the enemies in this game possible to hit! It is impossible to win.

Other than that, for a game that was whipped up in five days, the graphics are nice and the controls feel great! I'm usually picky about controls but they're almost perfect. It might be because they're nice and basic. Sometimes simpler is better.

Anyway, though, just ease up on the hit detection and you might have a great game on your hands.


for a first submission this game is pretty wicked awesome great job!

tenentenen responds:

Thanks, man. I'm glad you think so. I spent a while trying to code this well, but we started so late, i wasn't sure we would get it done. but we did. There WILL be a sequel/update eventually,s o yeah...

Pretty good.

Add a jump key. Other than that I like it.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2010
8:26 PM EDT

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