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Who Wields the Staff

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Hi everyone, this is my first foray into Newgrounds (and my first animation), after being a fan of so many people's work on here for such a long time.

This wasn't actually made explicitly for Newgrounds, but for a short film competition whereby the main character is not allowed to talk (it's up to you why) and the film had to be around 3 minutes.

I thought it would be a good idea to do my first ever animation with it, I planned to do a lot more actual animating, but it all took me so long, it's just really a bunch of pictures talking!

Still, it has certainly given me good practice for the future!

I hope you enjoy it at least a little.

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A very funny flash that reflects everything I like about the 80s: Cartoons, a simple view of the world (good guys are 100% good, bad guys are 100% bad), bad stories and a cheesy laugh at the end. Only thing missing here is a very cheesy "moral of the story" presented by one of the good guys, heh.

The graphics are quite good, but they seemded to be a bit rushed and "unclean" from time to time. Also the voices could have been a bit louder. Otherwise the voice acting was pretty good.

I also like your take on the rule for the competition that the main character sohuldn't talk. Using an inanimate cardbord box man as a main character is a very nice touch. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Pure 1980s!

Well, here we go with a lot of symbolism from the 1980s cult and cartoon series. You've got the A-Team (Mr. T rip off); He-Man taking the lead role and inanimate cardboard box man obviously reflecting the usual acting capabilities of the guy that played Panthro in Thundercats... oh, ana bad guy that could easily have been Skeletor or Mumm-Ra

There is some great work, with the gags and the backgrounds that you've drawn, though a little more work is required when it comes to the lip syncing of the characters, leading to something that looks a little ugly on certain words, since it doesn't seem to move fluidly enough between the stills. Perhaps tweak the tweens, to help you out here?

Still, I'd love to see more episodes of this potential series, though try not to overdo the Inanimate Cardboard Box Man jokes, as they get old quickly.

[Review Request Club]

Great for a first

-It's not too often that someone's first animation is actually decent and isn't just stick figures going across the screen with text. Much better than anything that i've made in flash. The effort and time taken to draw things out and add voices is well noted and shows that you actually have a little know-how of the flash program you are using.

-Even though you did have some nice character builds they still look somewhat unrealistic due to lack of shading and texture detail. Mainly on the muscly guy where his pecks and abs look completely flat and small details on the other characters.

-Lipsynching could use a little more work in the future to line up better and emulate mouth movements IRL. More atmospheric sounds to create more moody and dynamic scenes so the characters don't necessarily have to talk as much either. Still it's great for a first animation.

-Review Request Club

Mentalholik responds:

Thanks ever so much! I will certainly take on your suggestions!

Fun parody, but a bit slow

Ah, how I miss He-Man!

The fact that I love He-Man made this movie a lot more fun, simply because I got the parody joke in it.

The graphics aren't bad, they're just not too good. There is a lack of detail, not in that your style is simple, but in that you're going for something somewhat realistic but coming up short due to lack of detail. The animations are also very simple, and the mouth animation isn't very synced with the audio.

The voicing however is very well done, and made the jokes a bit funnier. If you could add some background music and SFX, that would improve the flash a whole lot, because right now, the lack of sound apart from the voices made the entire flash look very dragged out and slow.

I see this is your first animation ever, so you might want to look up a few tutorials and practice drawing before you upload something new. Would be neat to see a remake of this sometime in the future, with better graphics and sound.

Review Request Club

Mentalholik responds:

Fantastic, thanks ever so much! Will certainly take things into consideration. Would love to make more animations so will certainly work on that. Want to do more fbf stuff in future too!


pretty nice, try using a vcam with motion tweens for camera effects.

Mentalholik responds:

Thanks ever so much for the suggestion! I'm not sure I can use a vcam on CS3 though! But thanks for the review, I really appreciate it :)