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Defect (The Concept)

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Well then, Happy Robot Day.

Inspired by the movie Crank, and seeing how Robot Day's coming, might as well create a game with those elements.

But unfortunately my Actionscript skills are quite rusty and I couldn't put everything I want to do into the game in a reasonable time, so I created a concept video after watching another concept video called "8-Bit Dr. Horrible".

Will I actually make it? Maybe next year.

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was spectating to start playing after the tutorial, that gave me a prank idea hahahahaha! omfg haha

Fooled me =P

This actually fooled me into thinking this was a game it was so convincing (also i didn't read the bold print at the bottom at first lol) but the "instructions" looked good and made a lot of sense along with one funny ending also the animation looked solid and i would liked to see this as a game someday if you find someone to partner up with in Actionscript,overall it was a nice contribution for Robot Day 2010.


I don't know if this is supposed to be a preview, a real flash submission, or whatever. But.. It's not really lulz-worthy enough to be a video flash submission imo. If it was a game then meh..

Great idea ! :D

Good concept. It'll keep people in a nice stressy rampage. I would elaborate on the storyline though. Make the dude setting the robot free a bored employee who snaps, because he is so bored with his job and life. It'll add to the fun of the story line. + The robot could become his own hero by killing the mad scientist and then his power depletes, cuz theres only one power battery left, in a glorious suicide.