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Boy with Nails for Eyes 2

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Jul 10, 2010 | 5:34 AM EDT

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Author Comments


The first part of the story is also available on Newgrounds or my website, both linked through my profile.


The Boy with Nails for Eyes is an independent motion comic, set in a grimy, grey little seaside town trapped by a brick-and-iron wall of factories. The story follows a young boy as he undertakes a quest that will draw him to the town's knotted heart, and into the domain of the shadowy hunger that stalks its streets.

The chapter introduces the central character of the story, and relates a life changing event that happened to him several weeks ago...


The story is best viewed in FULLSCREEN MODE, so that the text is clearly legibile without having to use the zoom function. Full instructions on viewing the story are given in the loading screen.

A lofi version of the comic, featuring the images and text only, is available on my website ( k), which is linked from my profile. Also available are wallpapers and music downloads.


A quick note on the text, since a few people have mentioned this before. I always intended the comic to be viewed fullscreen (I even considered making it obligatory, or automatically going to fullscreen when the comic starts, but I don't like that idea any more than, probably, anyone else does), which is the size at which the text is comfortably legible.

Unfortunately the highest file dimensions allowed by Newgrounds is even smaller than the original file dimensions (1060px/745px), so for this reason fullscreen is an even better idea from my point of view. There is a click-zoom function, in case it's desired.

And enjoy!





Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stunning, Subliminal, Sensational, just wow!

The way you convey the messages of what this young boy is feeling, what he is going through emotionally, is otherworldly in some ways. Okay, maybe that stretches it a little, but the bottom line is, I CANNOT WAIT for chapter 2.

I get this feeling that (even though it's still early in the story) this will end either unpleasently, or shock us all and have some sort of happy ending! Call it a hunch.

Quoth TheBigHero......."Wewanttoseemore!" (see what I did there :3)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


There's not much I can say. Simply amazing. Thanks for telling me it was up, I'm looking forward to the next one.
Where did you get the music?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is fantastic

I thank you for letting me know this was up, because I loved the first one. This one is grand and magnificent, and you have this amazing sense of poetic and pictorial metaphor that combine to make a very surreal experience. The cinematography is quite good, a bit less movement oriented than the last one, but that fits the story. One thing I really appreciate is you take your time with it when it's calm, letting us deliberate on what you're seeing, and how what the metaphors you're throwing at us mean exactly, and yet you bring up the pace when the pace needs to pick up, and really getting people to view the comic at the speed with which it needs to be viewed. This wouldn't work nearly as well as a still comic (although, as I said in the last review, the images and text are wonderful), but your experimentation in the art of visual media itself is astounding. I can't wait for the next one.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Words cannot describe

But if they could they would say Perfection


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm excited for the next chapter.

I absolutely adore this.

I am swept away by your powerful transitions throughout the piece. The decaying heart, the blood drop, and the fish all really shook me in my seat since they were instantaneous and just really grabbed a hold of me.

The artistic style and palette, such as the preceding chapter, is very powerful in itself and is wonderful for this tale. The way the text is presented in the story is also moving. At a few times I hoped that the text would be presented a little faster or a little slower, but I quickly had second thoughts once the text fell together amongst each other and really brought together the piece.

The musical score is very beautiful as well - very gentle, but powerful, present; very ominous yet majestic. Felt appropriate to the story's setting as well.

I am quite eager to continue reading this series. :)