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[RD10] Dancin' ROBOT

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3/12/2013 *UPDATE* #12 all-time, freakaleeks:



11/30/2012 *UPDATE* #17 all-time, rickyboxers:



10/12/2012 *UPDATE* #9 all-time, goldiloxen:



*UPDATE* front page, skanks:

http:// www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/90ee23a481f07cac9f6997c66 6d6b2bf


It's Robot Day '10!!

enjoy this dancing robot I have captured and trained just for your amusement.

audio: DJ Weaver - Come in to my dreams [hixxy remix]

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I admit that this was at least better than some of the other stuff you've worked on. I think it appealed to me somewhat because it's a funny image. I still can't help but feel this would work a lot better on a certain other website. I hope you know what it is. I like how silly this robot looks. I think the coolest things about it might be how it looks like it has marshmellows on its body. I don't know enough about robotics to know what that is.

Hey, congradulations on Underdog Of The Week! With the high score, you really deserved it! I liked how that's a prize that isn't really positive or negative. It's kind of funny to see that guy just dance around for no reason. I hope you had a great Robot Day.

Punisher responds:

I hate you so much.
swallow a knife


Lol I have 4 tabs open playing this at the same time, its super epic!!!!1111

Punisher responds:

only 4? :(


I cant stop watching his sexy robot legs... You built that? Props man! 10/10 5/5 for all the hard work that im sure went into it!

Punisher responds:

thanks. (:
it all paid off! lol

hahaha. awesome

love this. so catchy and entertaining. 10 for the robot with da moves. -1 for the dude walking into the shot :P

Punisher responds:

Hey, that guy is a licensed robotic dance instructor.
Don't be hatin'


all we need to do now is give it a gun and ship it to the frunt lines. thos damn aracys will never bet are bad ass robot dancing moves.

Punisher responds: