Humor with Annoying.

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I made this to both be funny and annoying. If that's not your cup of lice then this may disturb you and I will not pay for any doctor bills you make because of viewing this.
Really though please inform me of what you like, dislike, etc...
Thanks for viewing and have fun.


No skill

That wasn't an animation, that wasn't even entertaining. It was just a bunch of random paint images. Try to create a moving image next time.

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Teddynotes responds:

Step 3 has movement. Also there is text.
Random is part of my type of humor. Not everyone likes my sense of humor.

Generic title

To be quite frank, I wasted my time watching that.
I gained nothing from it. No humour, nothing.

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Teddynotes responds:

I'm sorry you wasted your time on it. You didn't even gain a headache?
Really though what kind of humor do you enjoy?


This doesn't even deserve one star. It has horrible graphics, and horrible art. It is also waaaaay to short. You should shorten the title to "Annoying"

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Teddynotes responds:

I know I draw badly, I even make fun of it at step 2.
As for the length I ran out of ideas plus did you really want it to keep going?

Should've been called "Annoying with Humor"


But I didn't NOT like it. Then again... :/

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Teddynotes responds:

Yup you have gotten the hidden joke. :)

good, but

I like the slides with more picture and less text, and dislike vice versa.

Teddynotes responds:

I would have spoken the words but people dislike my voice.

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1.59 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2010
1:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original