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I am going to have to agree with the prevailing oppinion here, the game is kind of poorly executed. Here are some points that you may want to work on.

1. Size. The little ballon the very zoomed in world not only feels awkward but detracts from the object of the game, we can't see enough of the play area/ have little indicators where we are making navigation of the level annoying. There is a difference between something being annoying and something being challenging.

2. Movement. THe balls constant bouncing would be ok if the world was less... spongy.. but the world is horribly spongey (see next point). So you may want to consider removing that all together, at least for the time being. I have also noticed the movements have a tendency to stick. Not so much in a momentum kind of way as a the game fails to recognize that the key is no longer pressed kind of way. This may fall into what blakeW was reffering to with the control.

2a. Along the lines of controls you should make certain that you turn off the drawing while in the between level menus. It is no use there and can make an un-fixable mess very quickly.

3. Hit detection. Objects (i.e. the platforms and the drawn lines) don't seem to detect interaction with the ball until the ball has passed through to their midpoint. This is distracting to the player and it visually looks bad. This is also a pretty common error and I bet if you broused tutorials on here you could find the solution. One thing you may want to consider is streamlining your shapes until you get a final base model that works well.

4. Graphics. After you have fixed the play issues mentioned above you may want to look at uping the visual content of your game. As it sets right now it is pretty bland. and could use some attention. I don't think you should worry about this until after you have the other issues fixed.

5. Sounds. Although as someone said before the music was pretty catchy the game could use sounds that flow in with the actions going on in the game. Bouncing, rolling, and drawing sounds come to mind. Mutes for both the sound and music are always appreciated as well. It is fine to have these at the main menu. Again though, I wouldn't worry about adding or altering sounds untill the playability issues are addressed.

I do want to say that I did like your mini maps before each level, they did help. The in game map was of little use because it didn't relay information about your position. It would be nice if it simply showed a zoomed out version of what was actually going on. (ball lines and all). I also want to again say that I did like your music as well.

I think overall with a bit of work and polish the game could be very fun. You do have a ways to go with it, and I hope you take the final steps to make it something really good. Keep trying.


Yeah Its not good, not good at all. Ok if your planning on giving someone a photosensitive seizure but if not, no its not good


I had a lot of problems with the control scheme. Catchy song though.


not super stupid or anything just a little colourless


its really bad the dot bounces shouldn't it just stay on the platform and also no plot or anything.

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Jul 9, 2010
2:53 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling