Battle for Alandria

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The game consist of 13 missions.
Each mission consists of several tens of rounds. Each round is divided into two parts. You buy, build and upgrade your army during the first part of the game. The second part of the game is a battle, in which you can partially control your units. Your hero earns an expirience for each level and when he reaches new level he gets improvement points. These points can be used for improvement his characteristics.


Am I missing something?

Ok, so I got to the last level and couldn't beat it. So I decided to start over using the power ups for my king that people have suggested in hopes that by the time I get to the end again, I can beat it. However, I can't get past the training level now! What the heck happened? The first two waives are destroying me! Why is it so hard now?


Meh. Just meh.

not bad

it's fair to say the least, it is difficult and there is a problem with attack rate, but i think if that wasn't there, not everyone could play it fully through

Nice idea, but unbalanced

Well here a short review:
graphic: 8/10 it's nice and supports the atmosphere.
Sound: 7/10 effects are average but background music is good
gameplay: 6/10 it plays a bit like tower defense,but balancing problems are disturbing

eheh good game

very adicting...but a tad easy. over boost only one unit and finished the game with a simple technique: one tanker and all aura medic(the one with healing aura)
i like how much u can boost one unit or slightly boost all of ur unit

no glitch and actual flaws, i recommend different difficulty

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2010
7:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense