Battle for Alandria

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The game consist of 13 missions.
Each mission consists of several tens of rounds. Each round is divided into two parts. You buy, build and upgrade your army during the first part of the game. The second part of the game is a battle, in which you can partially control your units. Your hero earns an expirience for each level and when he reaches new level he gets improvement points. These points can be used for improvement his characteristics.


I like it

I can see that this game has been recieving mixed reviews. I personally enjoyed it, but also thought that it became rather difficult after a while. (i know that games are supposed to get harder as they go on... but the difficulty pissed me off) anyways, its good


As an experienced, yet casual gamer, I really enjoyed this game. It was just challenging enough to where you have to think on what units you're using and when you upgrade them, but not so challenging as to MUST have the perfect combination to get the upper hand, nor too easy to where it didn't matter what you threw at the bone-daddies.

You can tell that english may not of been your first language, but its good enough to know what you're saying. For some reason, I love how instead of saying "To do this, click that" you say "This activates upon pressure on this button" Such a versatile language, despite what the sticklers may say.

I thought that it was brilliant how you could personalize the balance between spells that help your troops in the melee and upgrading your king's own combative abilities. I noticed that when your king gets experience when he makes the kill, but destroying the enemy early through troop prowess gives you a big bulk of xp was absolutely brialliant. Bravo!

Anyway, loved it, still loving it, and I hope to see a sequel to this with even more troop options.

P.S.: Air King FTW!! :D

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didnt like it, all i can say

I like it

This is definitely one of the better games on NG. I quite like being able to both level and upgrade our troops, and the story is pretty intersting too.
I notice the music is from "Age of wonders II: The wizards throne", its a nice tune but kinda short and it keeps on repeating, think it would be nice to have more than one tune.
It can get a bit repeatitive, but anyway it kept me playing for a few hours.. so good job :)

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Not all that good.

I thought the game was far too easy and reminded me of another game called Genghis Khan. Actually very similar. It is far too easy to kill the bosses with normal units. Unless you can make the sequel (if there will be one) more original and improve on the things which others have written you will get a mediocre game like this one.

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2010
7:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense