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Hylian Wars Rules

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Author Comments

Not much to say here.

Everything is controlled with the mouse.
Read the rules, press next to go forward, or back to go to the previous set of rules.
Music can be muted by pressing the button in the top left corner.

As with all things Zelda, you might want to wait a little while after it says "The End" in case of an easter egg ;)



It's a Zelda themed Heroes of Might and Magic?

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AMOE1st responds:

Kind of yes. In fact, the one that is going on right now (there are still some spots open) is called "Hylian War of Might and Magic" lol. Named by yours truly.

But yea, it's sort of like that, plus interraction between characters (generals/heroes) and you do build and improve the places you start at, if you want to stay there, of course. So yea, HoMM is the closest thing I can think of, with RP elements thrown in it.

There was no game

This should have been posted as a movie because there was no gamplay all its a rulebook

AMOE1st responds:

Granted, and I changed it. I thought it'd go well in "gadgets - others" though, but yea, I suppose movie/informative is good too.

Also, while there isn't an actual game following that up, you can just join / begin one yourself.

Any attempt at making the game would be way too limitting, as the idea is to make an RP with other people, and evolve in a world with a story created by several people. Creative choices for Characters should point to that.

There's also the fact of technology development. Like using the Reflect Spell from Adventure of Link (LoZII) to make a dome around a fort/city to bounce off any incoming projectile.

Or use it and enchant shields and armors with it, making them Mirror Shields, instead of having to find the actual item that may have been claimed by someone else already. You get where I'm going with this? Endless possibilities.


Too Long Didnt Read..... sbout sums it up....


I suppose you never actually said this would be a game, nor did you imply it in the genre, but I was somehow expecting more than just a rule book with this file size and the fact that you drew those little army guys. I was maybe a third of the way through before I decided to skip to the end, then I laughed when I found out there was no game.

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My God this list of Rules...

I'm just going to say...I gave his a 6 just because the rules were much too long, how can you expect to hold an audience if the rules are THAT long...you should have had, like, tips, while playing, that pop up or, even like a tutorial, something so that the viewer doesn't just sit there. You want to get the audience hooked, and this is not the way.

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AMOE1st responds:

You should see the ACTUAL rules that this was derived off. It's a wall of text of around 1500 characters.

At least here, I put it in different segments and added some graphics and animations and interractions to it, unlike the boring old rules.

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1.89 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2010
9:16 PM EDT