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Top Flight Turtle

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Author Comments

In the future, turtles will have jetpacks! Maybe. Well, probably not, but if they did they'd have to patrol their turf with laser guns and bombs. Defend your pond as Top Flight Turtle!

Use the arrow keys to fly. Press either B or V or C or X to drop bombs on the frogs below. Your guns won't hit the surface enemies.

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turtles with jetpacks and bombs??

total win.

seriously, love the concept, love the artwork. the gameplay was awesome too, but i would suggest a bit more of a transition between levels instead of "explosion--shop." it just seemed rather sudden, though this is of course a very minor point.


love the song and gameplay is pretty good.

Holy hell

It's Xevious with flying turtles and upgrades.

We approve I think.

in the future

all the turtle will be name as gamera -_-