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This Bunny Kills 4:FUN

rated 3.87 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - Brawler

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Jul 8, 2010 | 6:05 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This time Bunny battles with all sorts of different ninjas and bad guys. Try to defeat the last boss. Use different Bunny skills like turning yourself invisible and attacking from behind.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

You had me at "Good Game"

Until I had to deal with that awful collision detection. Not only could characters strike me from beyond their range (as shown by their attack animation), but they could also strike me from above AND below while my sword clearly goes through the enemy(or enemies) in front of me with no damage done to them(and no, they are blocking, they are clearly whittling down my HP with attacks whilst my blade hits nothing but air).

Next up, the 'Dash Attack' which, much like the Were-hog in Sonic Unleashed, isn't a bad idea, but an unnecessary one. What it is: A short-range version of your 'Teleport' + a weak strike which uses some MP. What could have been: Double tap left or right for a 'Dash' (a continuous boost of speed) then, press A for a 'Dash Attack' which does not take any MP. That's my opinion anyway.

Collision detection can make or break a Beat'em UP and you've broken this one up, down AND sideways. Four out of ten; Only because I liked the Bunny character.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good game

This game is fun to play but I think you should improve the graphics and add maybe a little combo atacks to it

2games responds:

Multiple taps on the (A) key creates combos actually. 2 taps on the left/right arrow keys creates a dash.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty challenging.

The animations and illustrations are a tad blurry, so at at first it's difficult to take it seriously, especially because the bunny looks quite innocent, however, the moment the first cut scene ends, it gets real, and the suspense just keeps building.
It feels a lot like a retro, beat em' up, which is nice.

The bunny is capable of using many abilities, all which are dependant on the mana bar.

The over all art is quite nice, especially for the bunny, since he's got slicked back, pointy ears, and since I'm a night elf fan, you score major brownie points from me.
The various bad guys you encounter; there's a good variety, and even though some are slight variations of other sprites, only with different colored features, you still have to appreciate the creative genius.
Bosses are introduced, they're a good element to have, also, some bad guys have special abilities; for example, some of those buggers are capable of blocking your attacks, makes for a great challenge, especially when they're in numbers.

Let's get to the controls now; the way the bunny is forced to move, feels like he only has two speeds: FastFast OR EasyStroll.

It's kind of tricky to move around in order to avoid certain enemies since he walks so calmly except for when you make him dash, which uses mana.

In game mechanics; sometimes, enemies seem to be on a completely different plane of existence, you can be as close to them as you like, and as well aligned with their feet, but for all the game cares, they are impervious to the bunny's attacks.

Personal overall opinion; you were going somewhere really well with this, its easy to appreciate this sort of game, though the minor setbacks with the controls make it a bit frustrating.
Also, going from the first level to the second, the difficulty of the game in general is quite progressive, yet when you hit the middle of the third level, it rises quite drastically, not that it's a bad thing! It's very sneaky.

Though seriously, get those control issues fixed, maybe add some upgrade system and you would have yourself one truly awesome game.

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2games responds:

Thanks for a thorough review


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Bunny Kills 4: Fun

It's a fun and addictive game. You get full rating!