Shite Comic - Part 2

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This is part 2 go watch part 1 first http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/541561

My first comic project of this length, It was done within 5 weeks and I didn't wanna do anything too over the top. Don't take the whole thing seriously and if youre looking for something deep or meaningful you wont find it.
It is what it is, I hope some may enjoy it.

Cause of the file size it had to be divided in 2 parts.

Warning: Contains Cartoon Porn, if you are easily offended by that you shouldn't look through it!


Navigate with "Left" and "Right" arrow keys.
"O" to set the current page to his original size.
"R" to fit the current page to the window border.

You can click and drag each page.
You can zoom in/out with the +/- on the number pad.
Its easier to read it you click on the "expand" option.


ho no!!!

not u >.<

A good story gone in the wrong direction?

I'm pretty surprised both of these scored so low, part 1 only managing to get 2.8... There are probably hentai galleries of stolen artwork with higher scores. Your art is very good, no doubt about that. Jack's insane thoughts were funny.
You really let us see how that guy got under Jack's skin. Not just see it, but feel it. When I was reading it, I wanted to punch the asshole, myself (well, I wanted Jack to do it since it's a comic). The murder gave him an excuse to finally violate the woman, but I think I would've preferred some kind of horror/mystery thing instead of porn. It did allow for some more humour at the end, though. Anyhow, I think you should maybe try to write a serious story next time... or maybe just one that isn't about rape or other strongly objectionable content.

I liked how you had the panels appear one at a time, but the navigation was a bit of a hassle. When zooming with the scroll wheel, it would scroll the entire Newgrounds page for me. When zoomed in and dragging the comic around, I'd sometimes find myself unable to let go of the comic or I'd accidentally end up clicking the left/right border buttons. I ended up not bothering to zoom in on quite a few pages due to that, so I couldn't appreciate the artwork as fully as possible.

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TheShadling responds:

The programmer says thankyou for pointing the scrolling problem out, he fixed it now.

changed your mind huh?

at the 13ยบ page there is a twist where instead of taking the girl to the car, he had actually killed himself earlier, to me it looks like you got lazy, i got pretty much disaponted because i would like to see how it would end, but other than that and the lack of porn , i love this comic really really hard.

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i enjoyed it!!!
you use papers exept movies
thats gud

give some warning next time

Okay, I feel like this comic had a real abrupt change of pace. First, could you give warning that this porn containes rape? I'm not easily offended, but rape goes into a different category, you know?

A few issues I had with the narrative... Well the protagonist is doing things that would violate most readers' moral code, so you have to really make readers sympathize with him. Perhaps more character development? Like, I wasn't really rooting for the protagonist, so the ending may not have gotten the reaction you wanted from readers? Also, the dialogue is a little stiff and not that realistic for the situation. Otherwise, your art style is still really good and I liked the plot for the most part. I think if you worked on pacing and character development you could make some more compelling pieces.

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Jul 7, 2010
7:04 PM EDT