Shite Comic - Part 2

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This is part 2 go watch part 1 first http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/541561

My first comic project of this length, It was done within 5 weeks and I didn't wanna do anything too over the top. Don't take the whole thing seriously and if youre looking for something deep or meaningful you wont find it.
It is what it is, I hope some may enjoy it.

Cause of the file size it had to be divided in 2 parts.

Warning: Contains Cartoon Porn, if you are easily offended by that you shouldn't look through it!


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You can click and drag each page.
You can zoom in/out with the +/- on the number pad.
Its easier to read it you click on the "expand" option.


shad man..

you are twisted and i love it! :D 10 out of 10\5 out of 5!

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It's Good

I'm not going to use alot of big words you probably don't even know the meaning of to give you a review. Personally, I know that's usually a sign of insignificance that people use to try to hold themselves higher than other people and make themselves seem more intelligent than they really are. For example, using a word like ostentacious is in fact ostentacious in the act itself.

In your comments you said there was no meaning to this comic. That being said, I'm not going to try to manifest some crazy meaning to a comic you clearly stated had none what-so-ever. I do realize that almost all of us are despicable in some way and this man is hardly different from any one of us.

I don't believe his reasons were irrational from what any other murderer/rapist goes through. For almost any murder the motives were unknown to everyone else until they were revealed. If there were clear indications of what makes a murder or a rapist these crimes would never happen. It is alot of times the person you never would have expected to commit these crimes just to be the one whom does.

So yeah, I don't think that it necessarily takes petty people because anyone can go 'postal.' Noone ever knows how someone is dealing with stress or what their breaking point is. It's not a matter of how much stress you're going through, it's a matter of how you're dealing with it. That's why therapist always strain that no matter how little or much stress you're going through you always need someone to talk to about your problems. Obviously this guy didn't feel like that he had someone and just began to feel like the whole world was against him and he was insignificant.

It's even the human condition, no matter who you are, to feel like everything revolves around you. Everyone always thinks that they are the only one dealing with their problem and that is why you need someone to talk to get a viewpoint of someone else and lessen the feeling like you're alone in your problems. People with high stress and people with low stress commit 'petty crimes.' This comic is very much not far-fetched from what the reality is with people who have committed these crimes.

Even then though he didn't just result to the extreme either. Just like most crimes of this nature it was just 'one moment of passion' that led him to what he did. Just like depression and suicide, rage and passion are illogical states of mind and you are not thinking about all the 'better ways to deal with your problem.' Also, almost everyone has a better way to deal with their problem but they don't do it. That's the biggest problem for people who really need help, they never go out to seek it.

Overall, seeing the comic for what it really is and not trying to thrust some random 'lesson' onto it. From a psychological point of view this is an awesome comic. You really dove into the psyche of what an average murderer/rapist goes through in their mind. Even to the point of showing the fact of how every murderer/rapist fantacises about the act hundreds of times before committing it! Great Work.

Missed the mark big time...

Well as usual you display a fresh and fantastic artstyle, and scorps programming on the comic wasn't bad, although I would have liked some music...

On a technical level the comic is pretty good, but the story and writing seemed too nihilistic and disingenuous for my tastes...

These things would be fine if the point of the comic was only to serve as pornography, which doesn't require any real substance aside from anything that will further the fetishism intrinsic to pornography.

However the pornographic panels in the comic are outnumbered by the non-pornographic panels. Which means either one of two things, you either intended this to be a legitimate comic, or you added additional content so you wouldn't be viewed as a scummy pervert.

The Marquis quote at the beginning of the comic seems to point towards the former... That's where I feel the flaw in this comic lays, it's doesn't seem to be meant as pornography, so it's supposed to carry a message, and the message it gives off is both ostentatious, and pernicious.

The character is so unlikable, and his reasons for doing what he did, were selfish and disgusting, and maybe that's what you wanted to convey, these acts are committed by petty people.

On the other hand It also seems like you wanted to bring understanding as to why people go postal and commit atrocious acts, and used "being pushed too far" as the reason. That's the part I have the most difficulty with, I mean people everywhere deal with a shitload of stress, certainly more stress than this individual, and they don't go postal.

The idea that this individual's crimes are due to the harassment he received from his co-worker, and the frustration he felt at home seems mendacious. There were so many better options available to deal with his problems, instead he resorted to the most extreme.

At worst, you may have wanted to impart the idea that fucked up shit just happens, but that wouldn't really work because everything has a cause, and the cause you point towards is illogical.

Perhaps if you took the time to flesh out his situation more, his actions would have more context, and the story would work as a cautionary tale, or at least a critique on suburban life.

Fuck man even if you didn't give any explanation for his actions, and decided instead to focus solely on the aftermath of his actions, that would have serious potential be a damn fine story.

The only legitimate lesson one could really take with them after reading your comic is repulsive people commit repugnant crimes, but after that what?

It seemed like you wanted to say more but couldn't get all the plot points to tie together nicely, which is a shame.

On that note I've noticed you tend to quote Sade in your work often, While Sade is synonyms with "sadism" (after all his name did spawn the word). I feel it's important to say he wasn't really all that sadistic.

He never killed anyone outside of war, while he was a judge he released many prisoners sentenced to die.

Most importantly his work while unbelievably violent and graphic, was also satirical and had a feminist slate, women and men both commit despicable acts hence marking them as equal.

I mean in the "120 days of Sodom" when Augusta was killed during the "murderous passions" portion of the book her vagina and anus where cut into one, which her father then proceeded to penetrate, signifying the underlying theme that man and woman are really the same.

Another myth about Sade is he was a nihilistic person, which again isn't true, and one of his last pieces he wrote before he died titled the "priest and the prisoner" (I think...), anyway while he discussed his hatred of religion, he also mentioned the beauty he found in nature, and his belief that only man is responsible for his own

Point being Sade isn't really a good person to quote on a comic that comes off as misogynistic, and nihilistic, you should have picked someone like Hitler, Stalin, or Sadam instead.

- Celx Requin

Explanation for ones who don't get it.

Yes, he did kill himself, and yes, he raped Kelly. The part where he was in the car wasn't real, he blew his brains out after raping kelly

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Plays with the mind.

I really enjoyed this comic, mostly because it made me try and guess which parts were the reality, and which ones were the fantasy. I can only imagine this comic to be like a look into how the average office worker feels throughout his/her day. Being pushed to the edges of insanity can certainly cause extreme behavior.

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