WGJ4K: Tough Guy FronT

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Hey babies. Is Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz back? You bet your fat ass.

In this installment, Mickey schedules a meeting with The Boss to try to get June and Eric fired as tension amongst the WGJ4K crew begins to escalate.

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I think that they both have the same eyes because they're related. That could be why Micky was picked.


Nice Point with MGS4 and Fallout


Haha, i just love June :D!

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I actually enjoyed this more than the other ones

Call me crazy, but I really just didn't enjoy the previous ones as much. As much as I appreciate the effort you use to implement satire and anger from a character to humiliate for the sake of making us laugh, a lot of the jokes weren't as funny as they were with Jerry for some reason.

I think it's because the previous few episodes were more focused on parody that has been overdone than focusing on the characters themselves. For example, in Jerry, you focused more on Jerry's life, development, and actual person and had us more entwined with the character himself. We laughed because we laughed at Jerry.

In the previous WGJ4K episodes, you're portraying what Mickey is like. We get it; he's a dick. And if that's supposed to make us laugh, then might as well go back to the original Jerry episodes because they were funnier. But in this episode, you actually allowed us to get a view of Mickey the character and it gets a lot more personal. We understand Mickey from his thoughts and not just actions. That may be actually what saved it in my opinion, because not to hurt your feelings, but your previous episodes were stuff that has been done and are not original. I laughed at none of the jokes because I felt that I've seen them all somewhere.

I didn't laugh in this episode, but I admit I feel that I have been intrigued and I have felt a lot more curious. The previous episodes I forced myself to watch just because you're hotdiggedydemon. I kept expecting something more along the lines of character development and understanding the characters rather than just some lame attempts to make audiences laugh.

The show centralizes around Mickey, but I would also recommend a further insight into June and Eric, simple as they are. I would also appreciate a further elaboration into the relationship between June, Eric and the Boss. For example, were June and Eric forced to work for them or were they voluntary? Even though I may already know the answer before you answer, I would love it if you explained a small flashback of how they were hired and how they get along. The Boss and Mickey scenes are always classic, but how about shifting the viewpoints to some of the supporting characters. That would make it more complete.

Because to tell you the truth, I like Mickey and the characters. He's one of the most original characters created on newgrounds and also more complex than he seems. The way you portray him is nice, as a character who is a street banger, but for some reason he is incredibly knowledgeable and artistic. That separates him from the simple bangers who aren't educated and don't know shit and can't climb up, thus hating the world.

This is what makes all of your flashes the best. You don't make the best stories. Your attempt at parodies (aside from Awesome Racer) are lame. But character development makes up for all of that and I wish to see more. And supporting characters, if played right, can help bring out more of Mickey that makes him original and unique. Sometimes comedy may stem out from Drama. You may want to dwell into that. We don't get enough of drama in newgrounds and I think you can pull it off.

I know that you will disagree with some of my viewpoints. Heck, probably some of your fans or other people who disagree with my reviews will probably hate me (I will delete those PMs). But we all have freedom to think what we want (at least in most countries).

So respond, or don't respond, but at least take the time to read this review and think it through. Feel free to argue or feel free to ignore it completely. This review will be forgotten in days, I guarantee it, but I'm okay with that because I've said what I want to say.

I hope to see more from you and I hope to see this develop into an incredible series.

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Sharp darts, my friend.

Sharp darts being thrown betwixed us.

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