WGJ4K: Tough Guy FronT

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Hey babies. Is Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz back? You bet your fat ass.

In this installment, Mickey schedules a meeting with The Boss to try to get June and Eric fired as tension amongst the WGJ4K crew begins to escalate.

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I'm always looking forward to more of these.

I love this whole series. The writing is well thought-out and truly hilarious, the setting is unique, the characters are memorable, and the animation fits so well with the script. Mickey's laugh at the boss in this episode gets me every time.

Also, I think Eric is slowly becoming more like Mickey. He used to be nothing more than Mickey's punching bag, but now he and Mickey are practically rivals. In episodes 4 and beyond, more and more of Eric's lines have been dickish responses to Mickey's dickish comments. I'm not entirely sure if this gradual change in his personality is intended, but I hope it continues. The very subtle character development in this series is part of the reason I'm always eagerly anticipating future episodes.

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Another great episode.

It's great to see another episode of WGJ4K and really i got to give you props for staying commited to this great flash series cause you have always been known (in my eyes) as a freelance flash artist though always great work.

This was a very funny episode and the voice acting was done very well especially with the yelling scenes also i loved the plot of this episode concerning the issues between Mickey & The Boss,the animation was as good as always and i loved how this time the other characters had the upper hand on Mickey also this was one of the longer episodes.

Overall i enjoyed this episode very much and hope to see many more episodes in the future like at least up to 13 to make it a legit season then take a break. =P

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Im totally 30, and I totally have a dong... Im gonna get that girl gamer shirt... Im an Ironofag and I cant help it. ..... Anywho, been a fan for awhile... just for demographic info to toss back at ya.. Adult Registered Nurse and father... Wife also hospital folk and all tri-genarian and shiz ..AND WE WATCH YOU!!!! you are very talented. Please avoid the massive wads of cash the networks are about to fork over to yer talented ass, and concentrate yourself to "art". This is the last year you can justify doing what you want to do before you inevitably end up working for "them". You fuckin know it... You got a kid, and bills and shit. Do it, dude. The big fuckin thing you want to do.... cuz times tickin... Dont disappear like Brad Neely in the undertow of impending heat death, and fucking burn out for us in a spectacle of awesome and poignancy that shall provide the lulz... oh well... this was great. thanx.

loved it

i love all of your videos

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Fucking love this series, very funny. Just had one question, why is it censored? Is it because its 4 kidz? Or is it that the little bleep of censorship entails a few more laughs for the fact that it is censored?

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Jul 7, 2010
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