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Eternal Elements

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Explore the magical cavern and uncover the secret of the environment-changing elemental crystals while discovering the dark past of yourself. Was it really you who caused the apocalypse?

My latest and probably the last room escape game.

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Glitch/Grammatical Error Report

The first time I played I couldn't open the door. I had done everything, including filling the pond, but the door room's gears weren't moving and the door didn't respond.

Also: "TIME TO BE RESPONSIBLE MAN!" Unless "Responsible Man" is about to be the latest super hero, you need to add something: either "A" before the word "Responsible" or a comma after the word "Responsible."

Good game, though. Really easy when it works, but sometimes that's better than those games that take you days to solve. I like that you left enough to the players' imaginations. You make the protagonist just crazy enough that we all know darn well it IS his fault, somehow, whatever "it" is.

too easy?

i think it would be harder, like don't use the journey but some picture or some code that need a decoder is better


this one was really good. No rush, but don't make this your last one. I'm really interested in the story.



Amazing art work, really good concept, but maybe a little longer game play, it was way to short. And add some more things to work with, make it a little harder, and yeah.


are you going to make a sequel to this one; it would be good!