Adam Versus Kevin

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This movie is based on real events!
This is what happened when i was angry at Adam!
I didn't have a camera with me... so i made a flash about it instead.
Adam has green fire as special power (LAME)
Kevin(Me) has electricity as special power (FUCKING HARDCORE!!!)

Song credits to: Lost Eden (song name: Before Burning to Ashes)
Everything else: Me!



what i don't understand is why you used those crappy stick figures, when you see the angry face part you clearly have better drawing skills than just stickmen. Kind of a shame tbh. i'd say when when you make another animation try drawing actual figures and even a background, it'll look a lot better and muc MUCH more interesting.

just keep practicing you'll get better

could have been...



what a piece of crap... ¬¬

could be better

honestly this felt really short, I really think that if you make a longer action scene that it would help out immensely. its not bad, and its better than anything I've done (I've never made anything also though). I'll give it a 5/10 just because there are a lot better stick fighting movies out there.


This can't possibly be based on real events, what are you--yet another talentless 12-year old? I'm really, REALLY tired of seeing this kind of nonsense make it in. This is the spam that shouldn't be, since it's not artful, and it's not funny in any way; it's childish venting without any skill behind it.

This is a poor excuse of an animation, and an even poorer excuse at stick figure violence. The music doesn't make it "cool", either. I can only shake my head, while five other people behind me do the classic "Picard Facepalm".

There is no timeline control WHATSOEVER, so it just loops without end. At least my head's not hemorrhaging from the music, so I can still type this review out in a rough semblance of peace.

There isn't anything decent about this. Not even for being a first entry.

nevan360 responds:

ok i understand you don't like it... but spam?
this is my first submission, so it can't be "spam".
This is NOT like the clock thingy series or the [KK] or what they are called... that seriously just spam...

About the time line, this was made in Toon Boom Studios, not in Flash... i dont have flash either... so i can't make a time line.

About my age, i just turned 15.

And i watched your submission... its really not that much better...

And i don't know what you mean by "the music don't make it cool"? I like the song and i thought i fitted in. What else song should i pick? The Pokemon theme song?

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1.51 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2010
9:36 AM EDT