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After nearly a decade on this site, i'm proud to present my first real animation project entitled: Duality
it took me about 4 months of work and it's all pencil drawn.
unfortunatly, in this version the quality is heavely reduced and it gets pretty blurry at times, You'l hafto forgive me for the lack of the preloader aswell. try and ignore these minor setbacks and enjoy!

Frontpage! I never expected to get this amount of views and ratings, it's blown my mind. You guys rock.
Thanks Newgrounds for your support, all the reviews & pointers. It's been awesome.

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Shame it wasn't longer

Ah, a nice refreshing piece to view after such a melancholy day. I love the way that you've constructed this world and have given both sides of the piece an avatar of some kind, to give some sort of personality to the metaphors of Machina and Natural effectively living at odds with one another.

The pencil sketched piece was great for the portrayal, but the video quality did let it down a little - not necessarily your fault, perhaps something to do with the conversion software or compression. Perhaps you need to ask Tom for a bigger allowance to upload these files to Newgrounds? Going over 10 meg would give you better quality and allow you to really push the boundaries with pieces like this.

I really would love to see if this story leads somewhere, as I do feel strangely unfulfilled by watching this piece, as if it is leading into something bigger...

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Weenog responds:

Thanks for the review, Like you said it's the conversion software that made it all pixelish. But you can check my profile for a youtube link if you like. I should familiarise myself somemore with flash in order to make larger movies and do something about that quality and lack of preloader, and i will...in time ^^

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Jul 5, 2010
8:06 PM EDT