A Present From Me to You

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I quit the series ONLY because my mother commented that Buxley looked like some character she saw before, I MADE Buxley on my own, if I copied him it was SUBCONSCIOUSLY and if this is a known character or looks similar to one, PLEASE INFORM ME and i will Take this down, I made Cyanide 3 characters Genuinely, without references, USING symbolism matched with My Childhood, Dark humor of course.

Buxley has a zipper on his head, yes, symbolism.
That screaming is NOT from the Girl, its just for effect

I do not know if I'll continue, I'll wait for feedback on Buxley's appearance


i could probably guess wuts in the nex present

This is a good movie

And you should be proud of it, don't listen to the people who just vote 0 cause their too stupid to appreciate someone elses hardwork. The animation was smooth, the scream was a little random, but other than that I enjoyed it.

Ashmic responds:

thanks! <3 appreciate it :3

Kinda creepy

In a good way< Kinda reminds me of salad fingers witch I love, A little short but not bad just weird and the day weird becomes bad well take me out behind the shed and pull an ol'yeller on me

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Ashmic responds:

hey thanks for the nice comment, i like saladfingers too! he/she/it's so cute! XD rusteh spoonz
yeah its justa short thing, everyone says its short lol how long am i suppose to make it T_T 5 hours hehe

um... disturbing...

Not sure what's going on here. I'll just assume it's kind of an inside thing.

Also, it kind of resembles a screamer. People may downvote because that catches them off guard.


There could be some more detail in the backgrounds and maybe just in general, especially since it's so short. It was funny, though. I sure didn't see that coming.

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Ashmic responds:

thanks but judging from all the horrible comments im not even submitting anything anymore, that nidorina1 and sepphtmage did it, im so, fuck it i don't even wanna be on newgrounds anymore thanks for being nice i guess

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2010
7:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original