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Traveler 5 Points

Enter a portal.

Excavator 10 Points

Collect at least 6 artifacts.

Repeat Visitor 10 Points

Make at least 10 visits to Looming.

Archaeologist 25 Points

Collect at least 18 artifacts.

Binary Abacist 50 Points

Collect all of the tally beads.

Lithocryptologist 50 Points

Collect all of the diagram pieces.

Lorem Archivist 50 Points

Collect all of the Lorem tablets.

Priest of Science 50 Points

Collect all of the Path rings.

Seecha Expert 50 Points

Collect all of the Seecha rods.

Xenopaleontologist 50 Points

Collect all of the Oarbor bones.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This game is about two lovers named January and September.
No, wait; it's about a group of people who don't believe in the sky.
No, it's about a pantheon of scientific disciplines.
Or maybe it's about an ancient beast who knew exactly when it was going to die, and how.

It's about a place. A place called Looming.



I can honestly call this game "breathtaking" and mean it. Very beautiful, very atmospheric. And I must disagree with the reviewer below - while the game does get tedious every now and then when you're looking for a little speck on the ground that just doesn't want to be found, I actually think this adds to the overall flavor of the game. You're an archaeologist in a dead town, naturally you aren't going to find clues everywhere. You're trudging through the dust, looking for a needle in a haystack. Top score!

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Seems potentially good

Hello again! I'm such a fan of your quality art games, and I feel like this one is equally as beautiful and chilling, but I find it was harder to move forward in the game and make sense of it.

Most of the game is running around in the strange world (which is once again, simplistic yet beautiful in a way only you can convey), but it was difficult to find the artifacts and also to keep track of where I was. The game became repetitive quickly because of too much searching to no avail.

But I did like the story and how you just created a world with a culture and a history so in-depth and detailed, and it actually reminded me very much of H.P. Lovecraft. This game was enjoyable but quite tedious.

Creates a very immersive world

You've managed to create an entire environment, with an extremely rich history. I love how the game makes you work but it's not impossibly difficult.

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I don't get it...

I realize that I'm in the minority here, and perhaps this is just not for me. But, I just couldn't get interested in it. I found it very, very dull.

Pretty long...

I would search for ages while finding nothing, only to find at least three artifacts close together. As such, I'm prettty sure that most artifacts will lead to another, or maybe it was just luck. Nonetheless, this was a good game. I have yet to complete it, but the yarn this story spins is beautiful.

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2010
3:32 PM EDT
Adventure - Other