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Mate 'Em!

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Just a small time-killer game where your job is to maintain life! Mate females (red balls) and males (blue balls) and try to reach maximum population - but beware of black death which strikes occasionally...

Use mouse to place an "isolation circle" on the screen. Red balls and blue balls will reproduce inside isolation circle. Try to maximize the number of balls. Isolate black balls in their own circles to eliminate disease. Try to maintain life as long as possible - all life will end eventually.

Left mouse button = drop an isolation circle. Space = clear all isolation circles (except when black death is around). P = pause

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funny how you can make 5 girls with 1 dude :))


Cool game, but at some point it just becomes impossible to populate because tons of black dots pop up out of nowhere. And it's only fun for one or two plays. Anyway, I had fun for 10 minutes :).

mjkgames responds:

Thanks for the review.

Good job

Great gameplay!

mjkgames responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Great work.

Fun and addictive, and I got the all-time high. It's easy to play for anyone but still has that skill factor. Pesky death, always killing the fun.

~Jim Rival

mjkgames responds:

Thank you, Sir.

And congrats for the #1 position!

Good game, but...

There are a few glitches. Black balls will sometimes escape, balls going off the screen, black balls appearing for no reason whatsoever (without being in an isolated circle), etc. Other than that, it's great.

mjkgames responds:

Yes, black balls appearing is normal. They just appear every now and then (inside or outside isolation circle). But for those off the screen issues, I need to take a look if I can reproduce (hehe) them. Thanks for the feedback.