How to Draw a Female Body

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This is the Part 2 of my tutorial. Now I will be showing you how to draw a girl

*If anybody is curious how to draw anything else such as weapons or cloths or anything, I would be happy to make a tutorial on those as well. Just post whatever in the comment section.

UPDATE: Wow thanks guys for the votes! :) glad you like it

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This looks perfect for me to help me draw characters!


How big is your choice

A few notes that I'd like to add.

I took art as my major in college, as such I have taken some life drawing courses with live nude models. My teacher gave me then tips that I feel would be beneficial to add to what you've put forward already. If you are doing just a simple anime girl these tips won't matter and yours is sufficient. I am not criticizing your style at all, so please do not take this as such especially from my rating. I rarely give out 10s so 7 is good from me. Now onto the tips.

First and foremost there is the hips. Yes the female hip structure is wider than the male but there is actually a very simple fact on HOW much wider it is, the male hips always line up directly with the outermost ribs. Feel free to test this with laying your hand flatways along your side. A female's hips jut out anywhere from 1 inch to an inch and a half away from the ribs, even if they are frighteningly skinny. Secondly the breast line, in a normal human figure that is not restricted by a bra, there is sag to take into account so the breast would actually start a little lower if wearing only something lose like a t-shirt or a bathing suit. Of course this is also according to the size you are drawing at. Another suggestion I wish to make is upon the feet, there are essentially three parts to consider here, the ankle, the ball of the foot and the heel, most artists tend to forget the heel, I noticed this on your side view to be absent. I do have to commend you on your hands though.

Also to those of you who are going to draw on paper and scan it in to color it on photoshop this is a major tip, do the penciling in blue or red colored pencil as opposed to graphite, this way you can just select that color in photoshop and delete it leaving a clean pure ink outline that is closed evenly and works well with a fill function. I hope my review helps everyone who is interested in this and helps improve everyone's drawing skills in conjunction with this video.

R.I.P Michael Turner

Absolutely great! And that you credit Michael Turner! <3 ...
His death makes all comic drawers sad, he was only 37 years old... Its just....
He really knew how to draw the female body, as this!

Great job! I am inspired...

Very good :)

You give very good pointers on how to draw i really have to give you that,i must also say that your drawings are good but the method you use is prety much only for drawings on a certain scale.maybe you can make an other flash on how to draw on smaller scales or on backrounds.^^ id be looking forward for that...hope i didnt say anything bad i just thought it would help metioning it ^^

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