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Painting with Pain

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This was originally for Halloween of last year but never got around to finish it. I decided to end it differently from what I had planned. It's my first animation that isn't based on other people's characters.

The intro is simple as I want people to focus on the movie itself.

I hope you enjoy it and I will be looking forward to any feedback, both positive and negative.

Enjoy :)

Edit 1 - I switched the loader to one with a play button so it doesn't loop.
Edit 2 - WOOO! My first award, a daily 3rd. I'm so happy. Thank you everyone for voting for me. :D
Edit 3 - I swear I must be dreaming.....FRONT PAGE!..OMGGGG..I'm bouncing up and down with excitement and joy and everything. WOW. THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS AND E VERYONE. If I didn't have a horrible sunburn right now I'd go out and celebrate. :D


ok creepy

i dont get it he draws them then kills them gruesom im still creeped out

Keith responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :)


that was creative but so effin creepy great job

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Keith responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :D

not bad

Good animation, the wasn't much story to go by. But otherwise great for a first flash.

Keith responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It's not a story driven animation. Just to creep you out. Also it's not my first flash, just my first original flash that doesn't include other people's characters. :P


wow, that is disproportionately creepy. the art wasn't amazing, and neither was the animation, but that was one seriously well put together flash movie. The fabulous thing about it was that even though the actual drawings weren't all that good (not bad though!) the effects you used made the movie waaay worthwile. loved it.

Keith responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :D I can always grow and improve on everything I do and that's what I plan to do. :)

Cute that you think this is your original idea.

I'll just point this title out: "Color Me Blood Red" Look it up.

Keith responds:

I can't see every piece of media. If the idea is not original then that's a shame. I thought it was while I was making it. Thanks for watching.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2010
4:00 PM EDT