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Jetpack Paladin

rated 3.70 / 5 stars
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Jul 4, 2010 | 9:08 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Update: Checkpoint added to level one where you pick up the jetpack. I suspect this is the most annoying (and most common) place of death, and I suppose it's fair to give you chance to get used to the tool.

Update: Just to clarify (since I've had a bug report about this) FUEL UPGRADES only last until the END OF THE LEVEL. All levels are seperate entities and can be completed without items from other levels.


Jetpack Paladin is a retro action-adventure-platform game set in a medieval fantasy world that is about to be turned upside down. Fend off Zombies, Elves, Knights, Dragons and much much more as you journey through the fallen island kingdom of Farah - and beyond - and discover the true source of the invasion. Pixel graphics, authentic sound effects and a purpose built original soundtrack guarantee to whip up some nostalgia. Bonus levels can be unlocked with collectables scattered throughout the game.

28 story levels spread over 5 unique zones.
9 bonus levels for extra challenge.
Five unique old-school bosses.
25 unique enemies - no plain recolours.
Original Soundtrack by Calamaistr.




For cheats or to see more of my work go to http://2ndself.sheezyart.

Fog and music can be disabled in the options menu.
Data is saved automatically after every level so games can be continued from the level select menu by selecting 'play' on the main menu.
If the game lags try turning off fog in the options menu.
A trophy on the level select menu means you have found all of the nails in that zone.



Jump - Up
Walk - Left/Right
Stab - S
Thrust (when acquired) - A
Fly (when thrusting) - Up/Down/Left/Right
Fireball (when acquired) - Down + S

Hurry dialogue - S
Next dialogue - S

Pause - Enter
Quit (when paused or in dialogue) - Esc



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not that great

The 'music' starts to become very enoying all ready very early in the game. Also i got more jetpack fuel at end of 1-4, but in 1-5 it was back to the old 3 bars of fuel...glitch??

Overall: so-so

2ndself responds:

Not a glitch.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good amount of potential.

Just to point out a few irritating problems - I, as mentioned previously by others, have had to restart the game/browser a few times in order to pass by the 'Can't stab the dragon' bug. Also, I was unable to use any fireballs before and after I had the jetpack.

And, although in relation to the retro gameplay and theme, having to restart the entire level after dying was quite a pain (IMO it would be pretty nifty to be given one checkpoint each level in which the player can place it wherever he/she wants too :D). Although having to skip through all the dialogue in the level again was an even more irritating problem.

The stabbing.. 'mechanic'? :P Was not all that fun either, but again, I suppose that's meant to be suited to the retro theme.

The presentation was also fairly good from what I saw of it; I never passed the first area, for obvious reasons.

It seems this just wasn't the type of game I enjoy and I never saw a lot of the storyline and gameplay develop, so this is score I'm guessing I would have given it had I been able to appreciate the game for what it is :D

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2ndself responds:

You don't get fireballs when you get the jetpack, you get them later.

Thanks for the review -_-


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Definitely retro

This is definitely an old-school game, from the slow movement to the stubby little stab of the knight's sword and the predictable enemy patterns, even the fact that there's no checkpoints. Some might consider these to be negative aspects of the game but it really does pay tribute to the classic style of gaming on the NES. In fact it reminds me a lot of Wizards & Warriors. And since it seems like you were aiming for that kind of feeling, i can't knock it because it definitely brings back plenty of nostalgia and did entertain me.

I especially like the explanation that comes up when he hits spikes or water (the thorns are sharp. I cannot swim.)

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I Feel Bad For You

It's obvious you put a lot of work into this game, but you failed at creating a fun engine. That alone will cause this game to go from a potential 4.3+ to a lousy 3.6. Unfortunately there's not much you can do now that the game is released though.

Biggest mistakes I saw immediately:

Movements and Stab engine simply were not fun
Extremely long introduction before you got to play the game
No Checkpoints throughout a level, you had to start from the very beginning

Don't let this discourage you from making large games in the future, just make sure with the next one you make that you focus on the core game play mechanic before you make a large amount of content around it. I would suggest making a lot of small games to experiment before you go making something on this scale again.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A strange idea but creative.

A nice game, however i found it to be a bit buggy. At first when you had to stab the dragon thing it didnt work so i had to restart the game. When i 1st got the jetpack it gave me no fuel so i died :( and then i had to restart the level leading me on to say it would be good with a checkpoint here and there. The last complaint is that the music gets annoying after a bit. I would give you a lower score but i know it would be a good game if all these problems were not existing.

2ndself responds:

Dragon thing seems to have occured one one or two people, but I've never ever had it so I can't really do anything about that.

I am adding a checkpoint where you get the jetpack in level one, but it would be impractical to do this for all levels. Thanks for the review.