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[KK] This is very gay

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This is a gay video I have been working on for awhile and I'm very proud of it.

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Is this a new fad or something?

Why is it that there are like a million videos that are like this on newgrounds? Why do people think it is funny to waste not only the time of others, but their own time by making an animated loop of nothing? The fact that videos like this one actually make it onto newgrounds makes me want to cry. You are right though, this IS very gay, but you shouldn't be proud of it.


I gave this a five.

No, not really. loop animations that do nothing interesting will fail in my book everytime. maybe if the dumb blobs actually moved to the beat,(right up right up left up left up repeated slower instead of spasic flailing) it would get a better score. I gave a 2 on this because the comments actually matched the design, a first I've seen in a long time of KK submissions.

Undercutting yourself

It was going good til the loop. I like the animation but you really cut yourself short. I hope to see better in the future. Please come up with something good. You are really cutting yourself short here.


so true..


When it first started and the kats nailed the ship I thought this was going to be slightly humorous. Alas, I was disappointed with a stupid annoying loop. It could have been great, but you gave up early in the fight.