Runestone Arena

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Runestone Arena is a Turn Based Strategy-Rpg Game.
Enter in a Fantasy Arena and fight to become the Champion! Hire Powerful Warriors, Wizards, Minotaurs and other incredible Gladiators. Buy Armors, weapons, and spells to improve your Team. Are you ready to become a legend in Runestone Arena?

The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

Gladiators: humans, elves, orcs, warriors, wizards...;
Every Gladiator has unique characteristics;
Equipments for each Gladiator;
Hours and Hours of Strategy-RPG fun!


Mouse (see also the Game Guide).


i like it

interesting game


i notice there are some geneforge based weaponry in here:)
i can easily reconize the flaming swod or the khanda lol
shortswod dagger and the weird sword with teeth like blade:P
i cant remember its geneforge name
well anyways im a geneforge fan:D and not the other crappy game they made called averum>:(
i still dont know why they would continue that games series then the geneforge series its freaking turn based in noncombat and combat>:(
at least geneforge is turn based in combat but not in noncombat
well anyways good game:)

Very fun.

Entertained me for quite some time.

Jesus, guys... c'mon.

First of all, the reason you don't start with the 1000 is because when you made your team, there was a checked box that says "Ready made team". If you uncheck that, you will start with 1000 but you will have to choose your own teamates.

I really like this game because it's an arena type game, where you will slowly rise above the ranks. This requires alot of tactics which is fun.

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Love it. It's on my favorites bar lol.

I love the balancing, and the fact that not only do you win and lose matches, instead of plowing through like a past reviewer stated, but also the enemy teams grow at nearly the same rate as you do. Very innovative, and with some improvements could truly be one of the most popular strategy games games on this site.

I noticed how quite a few people were having a lot of trouble, so I will give you guys some hints. Yes, magic is a little underpowered, but it can still be a lifesaver, especially in later matches when the tiniest difference counts, but the enemy is too strong for you to just rush in headlong to die.

Start off looking for some strong melee units that have not only good offence, but defense and melee hit rate too, with decent speed.. Golems are usually powerful, but slow and expensive. Minotaurs are really good but generally have low defense. I stuck with 1 minotaur and 2 orcs, who are far more balanced in terms of melee skill. I equipped all that I could afford to with the cheapest melee weapons there was besides the gloves, and they worked wonders on the early matches.
You probably won't win the first time through, but this is ok because it gives you some time to gather up some gold. As soon as you can get a mage and equip him with magic missile (shadow elves are good, but your best bet is with a specter. These units are born for magic use, and absolutely nothing else lol). Don't equip him with magic bandage, You will want a separate mage for that later, once you reach tier 2. Trust me on that.
All in all, I didn't use ranged weapons. Just a single mage with attack spells and another mage with healing. I had a perfect second tier and I only lost the first match of the 1st. I am into the league rounds now.

Hope this advice helps, and I hope the maker can continue to improve this game for us. lol.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2010
12:35 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place July 3, 2010