Soinc vs Giriko

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sonic vs. my fan character.
a very old animation had not decided whether or not upload it but here it is.
is that in one part of SMBZ copy me and I will say good things but also because this check is long.
the end was not what happened and the v-cam I'm wrong. : /

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Enjoy it


sonic vs mi fan personaje.
una animacion bastante vieja que no habia decidido subirla si o no pero ahi esta.
se que en una parte me copie de SMBZ y que me va a decir cosas pero bueno ya esta echa ademas es de hace mucho.
al final no se que paso y la v -cam me quedo mal. :/



I think you can do way better

I mean, c'mon, if you got your inspiration from SMBZ, that's okay, but this is just done too many times! And i'm getting really tired of these "fan characters". They're not new characters, they're just Sonics or Shadows with more spikes or with clothes on, this was just a withe sonic with a coat and different coloured shoes.
And I not trying to be a hypocrite because my own animations are pretty much all DBZ style too, but try too keep it a little bit originall, use some different characters or backgrounds. And COME ON! The second song!! I know it's a cool song, but it's been used over and over and over so many times that it's just becoming annoying now! And Sonic pulling the 7 emeralds out of his ass and turning into super-sonic, we all saw that comming! Come up with something new, like letting the two fight over the emeralds and collecting them along the fight and letting sonic go super when he gets them all.

Well, that's it for the originality problems, now to the technicall issues.

In the background in begining, you can clearly see a line from where you pasted onther part on, so before you put the back layer of the background in flash, cut the background in paint so that so don't see that line and that the image loops well. And when someone get hits hard, the screen flashes white really fast: don't overuse that, because it gets really annoying and it hurts the eyes when you\re watching it in a darker room and on a bigger screen.
And as for the textbar, use one language, and i recommend only english since most people in other countries (like me) know english and don't know spanish. And having two languages at the same time is just annoying. And i noticed that the music stopped everytime there was any text, so try to cut the music in audacity (or any other program to edit audio) so it loops, and then when you put it in flash, make sure the music is set even instead of stream so the music will go on when there's text.

I hoped this review helped a bit. Because it's clear to see you've got skills. But it's just a shame that it's wasted on something like this.

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Learn originality...

i DESPISE the Dragon Ball sounds here, cmon this is sonic, not dragon ball, why am I seeing sonic characters do kamehamehas and go super saiyan? too many dragon ball sounds, too many dragon ball stuff, but anyways, gettin out of that topic, you also ripped Alvin shitworm's work off, you also made the same kind of thing, exact same kind of thing, you made this white sonic do the same thing that mecha sonic did, that freeza did before, you are just alvin cockworm's copycat, that's it, also, why did sonic have the 7 chaos emeralds and didn't use them?
You say that you know that you "kind of copied SMBZ" but what the hell you just made a new Super Mega Bullshit Z episode... with SMBZ music and all, then, why did a sonic guy have a light saber? Also the text is bullshit, Sonic wouldn't go there and tell him to get up and go on fighting...And did I just see Sonic do Chaos Control and warp like only Shadow can do? Did I just see Sonic people fighting in Mario's world? Did I JUST FUCKING SEE SMBZ's cave background? C'mon, your unoriginality made me give you a fucking 2

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This is a good flash, no doubt about it. The effects were nice, but the fighting went a little long.

It has the feel of SMBZ, yet it retains its own unique style.

The sprites for Giriko looked nice and the overall presentation was good.

I wasn't expecting much

Seriously I was expecting a lame sprite fight sequence between sonic and whoever, but I have to say you really did exceed my expectations. The fighting was nice and fast, and you used a lot of nice visual effects. Good Job!

Great but needs improvement

And you made it a tie, didn`t you? Well, that was something unpredictable, most guys would make like the old "Good defeats evil" and always the same, good defeats evil.

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Jul 1, 2010
11:52 AM EDT