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Hello Newgrounds!

Armorlock, or better said BLACK 2010, is a topdown sneak-around shooter game with the usual arsenal of heavy weapons. The game is better textured, and equiped with a lot new features such as bullet-time, slow motion jumps for better aim and a storyline between all missions.

WSAD - Move your character,
LMB - Shoot,
R - reload,
E,Q - next/previous weapon,
Space - Slow Motion Jump,
1-7 - change weapons



the good
the missions are fun! +2
gameplay was awesome +2
the story is good +1
awesome sound effects and music +2
it was funny in some parts +1

the bad
the aiming mechanics sometimes were quite off -1
you couldn't use stealth in the game -1
most of the weapons were pretty much the same -1
the levels got repetitive -1

conclusion 9/10
great game! fun gameplay and awesome mechanics for the slow motion and such. the only thing I would have liked is being able to hide in corners and sneak attack soldiers or whatever. awesome game!


I enjoyed Black, and this is like an extreme upgrade! I really like your use of the Counter Strike models. However, the slo-mo jumps are kind of crazy ridiculous and can be annoying (you can't cancel mid-jump, and it feels like they take too long).

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Good fun, but one big problem...

...the game badly needs a Continue option. I played only on the normal setting, and the shooting and the bullet time and such does kind of remind me of Black, Max Payne, and GTA2 like you probably intended, and it's all well n' good, but the driving sequence really kills what would've been a great game otherwise. It gives me flashbacks of playing the driving stages from Ghostbusters 2 on NES, and that is a very bad thing. Getting that far, only to bump into a car and have to start all over again? That's no good, but would be remedied with a Continue option (minimum 3 retries per session, or unlimited if you're feeling generous) that sends you back to the beginning of the stage exactly as you started without penalty.

Here's hoping your next project is successful and fun to play too. =)

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Great game... at least first level. Second (driving) was to hard and after 2nd crash i get bored. Game realy needs retry option.

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not bad!

i dont really enjoy the thought of saving george bush personally =P but actually i quite enjoyed this. it wasnt really action packed or really dynamic but it was a nice solid shoot em up game with quite a lot of oppotunities to play stealthy, with a lot of cover around to hide. a nice short tutorial (i love short tutorial so props for that) and really simple controls! pretty good!

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3.17 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2010
11:46 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun