Desert Faces

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Visit the desert to pass through challenging levels in this puzzle game. Time is running out - be quick.
How to play: swap faces to match 3 or more of the same color in a row. Goals of each level are displayed at the right side of the screen.

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Totally addicting. This makes for a nice twist on an old formula. The controls are simple and intuitive, if nothing new under the sun. The game has neither too few stages nor too many in my opinion. Replay value, one might ask? High, I'd say in response, for if you beat all the stages, you can do them all all over again, starting from whichever stage you like. The art is is vivid and smooth, and very appealing despite its simplicity. The music rather repetitive, yet I personally think it is absolutely fantastic, so I'm able to past the first bit. But it would have been nice if the game cycled through 2 or 3 tracks -- I rather like this music and would rather not get too sick of it any time soon. The fact that each stage is an individual challenge and not so much another stage in the sequence as one would expect for an Arcade/Puzzle game that uses the same basic Puzzle formula is definitely a plus -- I can leave whenever I want without having to worry about my progress or score being lost or forgotten.

Anyone wanting to play a Puzzle game that's a little different but not too over-the-top in difficulty or complexity, this one's for you.


im really bored with this game's concept, but this game kinda made me like it again...nice job

Nice Game

I liked the game dude, difficult and fun. Keep up the good work

Good twist

I really like how there are goals instead of it just being the same thing over and over. The treasure chest thing was cool, too. Good job :)

Refreshingly not monotonous.

This game (style? genre? I dunno. the "match 3 or more as more drop in thing") had me literally say "Oh God, another?" because I hate them. I am so tired of randomly clicking sets until it says I'm done. You, however, have made it entertaining. Having goals I have to meet was so refreshing. I actually had to think, to plan, it was simply great (except thats its 8 am and I havent slept so it hurt.)

So thank you good Sir, you have caused me to login to review something, which has only happened once before in my years on Newgrounds.

Keep it up, and make a sequel, of course more levels, content, whatever you can tastefully throw in would be great. However I don't know how to improve it, so I can't fault you if you don't. :P

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4.19 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2010
2:30 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other