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[KK] BFK Climbs Mountains

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BigFuzzyKitten climbs a mountain to prove that you can do anything if you follow your dreams!

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just listen...

You have AMAZING potential!! but you use it on stuff like this!!! why not try to actually make something other than spam, think about it; do it right and you may start making more than Fred Figglehorn, and he makes like billions a year, BILLIONS!!! just think about it...


This is every KK member but Joey-Kazzam at life. They always fail because they put no effort. The spam only passes through because the KK members vote 5, ON SEVERAL SEPERATE ACCOUNTS!!!! Joey-Kazzam, however, wants to practice and make flash that's actually GOOD. He's practicing. I like him for that, unlike the rest of you KKrewers! The key word here is EFFORT. Joey-Kazzam is trying to use EFFORT, but you idiots are kind of getting in the way. How is he supposed to become better if all you guys do is spam? I guess he is only here for a short spell, until he becomes a good artist. As for you eggheads, I reccomend doing what he's doing: PUTTING EFFORT INTO FLASH. Bye for now.

As usual

A KK produced flash that's obvious spam.

But at least this time, you did something that does a good job symbolizing how you're obviously in a limbo of not trying hard enough and failing to achieve your goals i.e. you suck at life :)

Well that's what I read from an animation of a cat that perpetually climbs and falls anyway... the use of a song like "Climb every mountain" only makes it ironically funny

I have no idea

I have no idea how this many people can keep producing things that are this lacking in effort but you never cease to amaze me by setting your goals low and then failing to acheive them.

Stop pumping out worthless crap like this and put that energy into producing a single piece that's actually funny or entertaining.

I Get all my experience from 0'ing your flashes

You have the talent, make a decent flash for ONCE without all this nonsense.

You're making Newgrounds overflow with Spam

KittyKrew responds: