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Shoot Zombies With Guns 2

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I finally got my crap together and finished the game. No joke this time.

Perfect score is 522. I'd like to see anyone get it.
Note: different gun choices do not give any advantages or disadvantages, except the sniper. Have fun with that one.




only cuz i know u


ASOT responds:

It's a 10 because you know me: I am an awesome person.
You don't mention the game: the game is terrible.

(Almost) Great

Amazing. I got a perfect score! (Hint: Shoot the elevator buttons) The shotgun is great for every level except the factory level, so the default gun is my recommendation. It would be better with more levels. I love the whole elevator-level system. And you after you beat the game you should be able too change your weapon before restarting. I also wouldn't mind a difficulty level. All and all its great!

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Good Job

Simply, easy, and fun. My two problems though, 1) The game was a little short, i would have like about 10 lvl's maybe? 2) You have to refresh to choose a different weapon, u should've had a menu button at the end to fix this. Overall good job though. :)

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I love anything and everything to do with zombies, so obviously your game got my attention. I thought it was going to be more like Touch the Zombie for the DS, but it was still awesome! I did not realize there was infinite ammo my first time playing so I was "conserving" my shots. Near the end I kind of caught on. I did, however, manage to get 420, which isn't an "impressive" high score, but it's 420.

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3.40 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2010
2:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person