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About little Valentina and the wind... - All age animation based on Dimitri Kozma's Toy Art.

Sorry about the video quality, guys... That's was the best that I could do with the file size limitations. :-P

To know more about the Toy Art, please visit the website (sorry, it's in portuguese for while)


I love little Valentina.

I thought the music added to the video a lot.

Nicely done, video quality was bleh, but like you said can't be helped.


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dimitrikozma responds:

Thanks! ;-)

front page.

is where this shit belongs.

dimitrikozma responds:


Room for Improvement

I'm going to split this review up into different parts for the sake of organization.
Character: The character model was simple, but it worked for the animation. I like how the model stood out against the background by using the pink dress as a contrast to the gray scale surroundings. However the clothes and accessories were the only part that stood out. Perhaps a lighter hair color, or maybe adding a little color to the skin, just so the character stands out more.

Background: I really liked the background art. There is a very distinct feel and a very distinct style. The background was well detailed and nicely put together.

Animation: The walk cycle was ok, but there really wasn't much actual animating. The bow blowing in the wind could have been much better animated. The bow seemed to soar rather than twirl which it would do in the wind considering it is a bow not an airplane. Be creative with the path of flight rather than just making it fly in a straight path.

Sound: The foot steps were synced well, but overall the sound was very bland. The ambiance was a little overpowering, and there was little else, if anything, added to the sound track.

Overall: I didn't really understand what the message or point was of the animation. There doesn't always need to be a point but if there isn't the animation should be eccentric, colorful, and captivating.

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dimitrikozma responds:

Thank you for your review, KidneyThief

I will consider the sugestions for the next one.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2010
2:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original