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Rock Garden Deluxe

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Two game modes are available: the Classic Game and Random Mode offering endless play. Players can earn over 100 collectible stones in the Classic Game, which can appear in the Random games and in the custom Gardens that players create themselves.

- Slide stones to create matches
- Over 100 lush puzzle environments
- Collect over 100 collectible stones
- Random Mode for endless gameplay
- Create your own relaxing gardens

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Tips for people

I like the puzzles and pretty stones. However, there were some levels where it's hard and doesn't give me enough time. Overall, it's still an enjoyable game.

For people who have ads problem while playing this, play it OFFLINE. Mochi ads can't get to you without the internet. Don't berate the game just cuz of ads.

Anyway, here are some tips I found while playing:

1) Plan ahead. It's a puzzle and the timer won't start till you start sliding. Take your time to study the puzzle and all of its obstacles so that you may think of a way.
2) Designate the spots to gather your stones. If you see a group of one colour near to each other, that'll be the most likely best place to gather them. Unfortunately, the trapped stones are bitches...
3) Fill up the corners. It's not only tidy, it also eases movement. However, you gotta be careful in levels that are narrow and/or have annoying weirdly shaped blockers. Those are really annoying... This tip is in conjunction with tip #2.
4) For those who are aiming to unlock all stones, there are times where you just gotta slide the stones and see where they'll go. Trial and error methods are good to find out about hard puzzle levels. This is especially those that are narroe, have blockers, and shorter time records. Then when it's all sorted out, you can try doing it to beat the time record and get your pretty bling-bling.

Hope these tips help people. I'm still to unlock some stones I skipped.


thought it would be interesting enough to enjoy, but no, you had to advertise after every second level... kills the mood of the game, can't get in the zone if im being 'persuaded' to join these mmorpg games -_-


not a bad game, but a freakin' comercial @ LVL 3?? REALLY????

This game is a whore...

The game itself its entertaining, but it has way too many advertisements. Try not to use mochi next time. -_-

A Game From the Stone Age

I agree, too, that the frequent ads between stages are an unnecessary annoyance, but moreover, this is a pretty simple and mighty tedious puzzle game that's so
easy, a Geico customer could do it.