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Rhg8: Fllffl Vs Yoyo

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RHG Animation No.8: FLLFFL vs Yoyo
2D face off.

To find out more about RHG, visit Fluidanims.com

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Dramatic, to say the least. There's a definite sense of impact with the fight, and the animation is blazingly fast. I'd have to say the reason you lost this battle had to do with the lack of an environment in the animation. You have a plain open fighting area, and that limits the amount of creativity you can play around with. The yoyo wasn't animated particularly well, despite it not being done badly either. Showing more effects such as its ability wrap around or reel things in would have made the animation much more interesting. As a whole I didn't notice the jet in Fl's sword come into play very frequently either.

Overall this is a really good stick fight but there just isn't a whole lot of the individual RHG fighters' abilities put into it.


dude rhg stands for Rock Hard Gladiotor go on fa.com

can someone please PM me and explain to me how RGH (what does it mean again?) works? i mean, in Hyun's version he won but here he lost. so how does that work? you can just choose who wins or loses? please help im new at this PM me please :)


Final Battle ! :D