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Geoweasel's Halloween

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Author Comments

"A Very Halloweasel Christmas"
Mitri and Jimbob enjoy some of the finer points of trick-or-treating while Weas is forced to deal with annoying little kids.
Why is this Halloween episode being submitted in the summer? Because that's what's next in line and we're keeping things in order here, dammit!
Original airdate: October 2005

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"I never get to hurt anything :("

Another great episode. The fantastic writing and humor combined with wacky and well drawn characters is a hit in my book. Thanks for reposting all these! I look forward to the next installment.

"I'm a nudist" :D

:D you improving

I think once you guys start doing sound effects (even if its with your mouth) then the heaven's doors will open for ya! still great job.

ps: work on a theme song..lol

Geoweasel responds:

The show had a theme song (multiple ones across time, actually) but I eventually decided since most of the cartoons were so short, a theme song and credits sequence were kind of pointless. This one originally had a special opening though.
Thanks for the review!