JJRC Destruction

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Thanks for adding me to the Flash Animation, man!

XiruX responds:

No problem man!! xD

s'alright :)

Pretty good animation going on there... A few things to note though.

I noticed that there was a slight lack of detail throughout in the environments and characters. I know its slightly harder to animate but it really pays of in the end. Ummm the bit towards the end with the rhinos and that.... whaaaa?!? Cool but wew... also when they were standing on the building and stuff it was way out of proportion, maybe that could have been worked on.

Also the whole black creature thing was a bit weird, If not replace the characters, add a little more flair or detail to their outline t cmopensate?

Overall though, the animation was pretty good and the combat scenes were great. Just try and take on board what me along with all the other reviewers have said.... and the full potential will be reached :D

Average at best.

It's okay, but could use some more depth, maybe a little more user interface.

XiruX responds:

Ok ill work on it..

I liked it but...

It was good, i liked the premise, but i believe more could have been done for this. voices, more detail, etc. And the ending made me kind of laugh too :P good job, just a little more work and this would be perfect :)

XiruX responds:

Thanks ill work more on my animations!!

Not bad. Could be better.

That wasn't bad, though there are elements that could be improved.

The combat scenes were interesting - not that much animation detail, but you conveyed the combat movement well with what you did. The battle was by no means boring, but it lacked a little in intensity, and was perhaps a bit short. I'd say keep working on more detailed animation and cinematography.

Your English needs work. I always find it horribly annoying to see subtitles or text peppered with mistakes or bad style...

Your environments were rather bland, and much too spacious relative to the characters - you'd rarely see real rooms constructed with that much extra space without it being furnished, unless it's a gym or something. I'd suggest rethinking the rooms' colour, scaling it more realistically and adding more furniture, decoration, etc. You could also play with lighting - here, you could've gone with a much darker, more dramatic lighting style.

Finally, improve on your cinematography. I noticed you used columns obstructing the camera's vision, and one nicely dynamic tableau when Tsukihime breaks the two boys up. However, otherwise, most of your camera work was static - pointed perpendicular to one of the walls of the room, pretty much at constant height (head-level I guess?), didn't change much unless it focused on a different person/area. Although drawing figures from odd angles is a lot more difficult, if you can effectively play around with that, your animation would become a lot more dynamic.

I think you have some good potential here, and I encourage you to keep animating and improve on the areas where you're weaker.

P.S. what the heck were those black things? A bit more detail on them would be good - I mean, define their shape/anatomy a bit more clearly, and consider that assuming their skin/fur doesn't disperse almost 100% of light, you can still get reflections off black skin/fur.

XiruX responds:

First of all thank you for the review.. Well ok.. As you saw the animation, when the first "Black thing" appears and lands on Yunhunt it stops for a sec and it says "Poser".. All the black monsters are posers.. And about what you said about the details and stuff well they are suppose to be like that because as you know.. Posers dont have their own real personality.. So those "Black things" dont have a real defined self.. Thats preety much the explenation... Thanks for the review!!

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Jun 29, 2010
1:52 AM EDT