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R-Type Stage 2

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Keyboard info:
Movement: Arrow keys
Fire: CTRL
Wave Fire: hold and release CTRL
Force Release/Call: SHIFT
Pause: SPACE

To succeed you have to find/learn enemy weaknesses and movements. Enjoy challenging classic gameplay and stay tuned for next Stages of this cool game.
- You will receive extra life for every 20000 points earned.
- Game is quite hard, it makes you crazy. But who wants to play easy games :-)
- Do not forget to take all POWER-UPs. They will dramatically increase your chances to survive.

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An accurate remake of the IREM classic.

Finally, a good flash remake of R-Type, but it could use a few improvements. Firstly, using shift, space, and ctrl is really outdated considering that a lot of Flash games use the letter keys for player commands. I think you could learn how to assign the fire and force keys to those, that would make this even better. Second, is it just me, or does this game seem to feel slower than the actual arcade version? Other than that, you did a great job on importing the music, graphics, and game mechanics. However, you might want to consider optimizing your game in some way because three megabytes on two levels seems to be a bit inefficient considering that OCD+ had a lot of content for a 2.3 MB file.

What I do like:
-Finally, a praiseworthy remake of R-Type
-Great job on importing the sprites, music, and gameplay.
-Underused subject

What I don't like:
-Needs a better key configuration.
-Filesize seems a bit big for a two level demo
-Seems slower than the real thing.
-Flash resolution could be a bit smaller.

Overall: A good remake, but with some minor adjustments, it would be excellent. Here's an eight out of ten for the effort resulting in a good result.

Brilliant Game

Even if R-Type's been done before, it's fun to do again.

I agree that having one button for rapid fire and one for charging, like R-Type Final has, would be nice, but it's not necessary. Another good feature from 'Final might be the "Kids" and "Baby" modes, since nobody really expects these games to be difficult anymore.

And maybe "Save Score" was a bit cryptic? Nobody seems to have High Scores for me to beat...

Great game though, good luck with your future endeavors.

Good conversion

Firstly - S34N10 - R-Type already is a classic. The control mechanism is just like in the original, so it's rather stupid to say 'change the controls and it will be a classic'!

Secondly, I think this is a really great conversion and clearly a lot of work has gone into it. I don't remember the game being quite as hard though - when you died in the original, didn't you start where you left off rather than going back to the start?

One thing I don't get. Why spend so much time and effort making something which has already been done. Don't you realise that with this kind of talent you can make something original and make thousands in sponsorship money?

Anyway - good job, great game.

koriblik responds:

Thanks for defending me :-), I assume you know what game development is about. It's quite complicate game and so much detailed.
I wanted to develop something original, but I do not have talent for graphics and music. I take this conversion as my "presentation" of my skills and I'll get some offer for cooperation.
thanks again for understanding

Re. dying in original game: Once you are killed you begin from "checkpoints" - there are three in Stage 1 and two in Stage 2.

good, but one major problem

please set two fire buttons, one for beam charge and one for rapid fire. I love the r-type series but thanks to the need for continuous ctrl button mashing made it impossible for me to want to play more than two seconds in. make that change and you've got a classic

Why don't they make 'em like this any more?

Why don't they make 'em like this any more? Oh that's right, because they're painful to play! Bwahaha, anyway, you get a 4.5 just because i haven't seen a side scrolling shooter in a while.

koriblik responds:

I sense, you are missing patient my friend :-). Back in 80's there were no online game portals with thousands games that are playable up to 2 or 3 minutes and then they are forgotten. You will never forget such game when you beat it :-). I agree it is f**king hard, but this is main "feature" of this game.

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2010
1:32 AM EDT