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Eagle Eyed 25 Points

Beat Runeseekers without using a single backup rune.

Runeseeker 25 Points

Complete Runeseekers.

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Solutions here -- http://www.lorestrome.com /trash/room_solutions.jpg
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Sorry the game was so hard, was just trying to make something colorful and happy, but not too easy like so many. I'll try to do a better job next time. ^_^


Hi guys, I know this is a super complicating game or anything but I think it is semi challenging and a really good excuse for me to paint lots of forests and fantasy creatures. I want to give a special thanks to Impendingriot and Tom for both helping me out with a ton of stuff, and David Orr for being really freaking awesome.

Some of the runes are hidden pretty well, but my playtesters were all able to beat the game without my help, so I know it can be done. And one of my play testers was an ape, so, just sayin'

No offense to the big ape. =P


Hard o.o

Took me a while to find the first couple of differences on the first lecvels, then I saw malomano's hints and helped a lot at the end, but even then, it was difficult to find the last clues. Great Game!

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can be obscenly difficult

i'll be honest, most of those weren't exactly easy to spot. i'm still having issues finding that last one on the first level. otherwise it is a pretty good search-n-find game

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Either I suck at this or it's tough...

I'm not good at this game, but I still like it. Maybe I need new glasses... On the first level I got all but 2.
I like the music, but the game doesn't really need a plot, in my opinion.
For the people who think this is too easy: I think it would be a good idea if you made a sequel that had set time limits for the levels.
For the people who thought it was way too tough (me), you could have hints that show an approximate area.

Hyptosis responds:


An excellent game

I think overall this is a pretty good game. The choices for music fit the game well and the graphics are very colorful, almost as if they we're from a painting. I liked the style of the game.

But to the gameplay. This is a basic difference game with some backstory added to it. It does add a purpose to the game, but it felt as if the plot and the characters were forgotten right after the intro, apart from the text bits after completing a screen.

Difference hunting in itself was quite the challenge. I did manage to beat the game, but I did take a long time on each screen. Some of the differences were subtle, which was okay, but the some of the differences were extremely difficult to see even when holding the cursor on top of a spot and comparing the two windows. While the flickering of the right screen made sense storywise, it made the job even harder. My eyesight is quite good, so I'd say some of the differences were way too small (small change in grass shape, slightly darker/ligher patch of grass within grass etc...) I still liked how the backup rune system didn't just give an easy way out, but challenged to look for the differences.

Overall, the style of the game is top notch. But, finding all the differences with just three backup runes can be extremely, and sometimes even unfairly difficult.

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Hyptosis responds:

Thank you, I know I won't bother making another though. Haha, wasn't worth the time it took to do it. Thanks again though. ^^

nice, but flawed

i truly wanted to like this game, but i just couldn't get into it. the most annoying thing about this is the whole right side of the screen being "snowy" like a bad tv reception, it made it incredibly hard to notice subtle differences, and made it seem as if there were differences when there weren't any. the art is very good, but its just a tired concept, you'd be better off making a different kind of game

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Hyptosis responds:

That was to stop people from cheating using that cross eyed thing, and it clearly worked too considering how many people it pissed off. =]

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3.92 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2010
7:28 PM EDT
Puzzles - Difference