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Puzzles - Difference

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Jun 28, 2010 | 7:28 PM EDT

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Eagle Eyed 25 Points Beat Runeseekers without using a single backup rune.
Runeseeker 25 Points Complete Runeseekers.

Author Comments

------ news ----------
Solutions here -- /trash/room_solutions.jpg
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Sorry the game was so hard, was just trying to make something colorful and happy, but not too easy like so many. I'll try to do a better job next time. ^_^


Hi guys, I know this is a super complicating game or anything but I think it is semi challenging and a really good excuse for me to paint lots of forests and fantasy creatures. I want to give a special thanks to Impendingriot and Tom for both helping me out with a ton of stuff, and David Orr for being really freaking awesome.

Some of the runes are hidden pretty well, but my playtesters were all able to beat the game without my help, so I know it can be done. And one of my play testers was an ape, so, just sayin'

No offense to the big ape. =P



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Spoiler XD

Before I go on, I gotta say, to the creator of this game, wow that must've been one smart ape ^^.
This is how I found out the locations of the differences... true story.
So I was trying this and trying this. But then I left it running and decided to sleep on it. And the answers came in my dream!!! OOOH!! :O!

LOL XD, you WISH I'd just tell you where everything is. No I'm just gonna tell you what you will need to find in each level.

1st level: 1 grass in the water, 1 extra big tree, 1 extra tree, 1 extra cloud, 2 extra tree branches, 1 extra patch of roses, 3 extra patches of grass/stalks, 1 extra tree stump (cut branch).

2nd level: 1 misshaped cloud, 1 extra damn-near-transparent cloud... idk how to explain this next one so a stalk of grass a bit to the left at the bottom, 1 weird texture on a rock, 2 extra piece of rock on a rock, 2 extra patches of grass, 1 misplaced piece of a tree in the background, 2 misshaped piece of background tree.

3rd level: 1 extra leaf in tree, really hard to see at first, 1 extra long white substance in water, 5 extra patches of grass/stalks, 1 extra long pine tree, 1 slightly whiter shade of purple grass, 1 (well 2 really but this counts as one) extra cloud, 1 misshaped cloud.

4th level: 2 extra pieces of moss on tree (same one), 1 extra leaf on a tree, 1 extra leaf near the same tree, 5 extra patches of grass/stalks, 2 texture differences on a tree (same one :D).

5th level: 3 extra patches of grass/stalks, 2 extra tree stumps, 2 bigger pieces of tree root (two different trees), 1 extra leaf, 2 extra leaves on a tree, 1 texture difference on a tree.

6th level: 2 texture differences on the rock, 4 extra patches of grass/stalks, 1 texture difference on the other rock, 1 extra tree stump, extra leaves, 1 extra small branch with leaves, 1 texture difference under rock but above log.

Final Level: 1 of the leaves is bitten/chewed, extra stones/pebbles on both sides of the trail, you'll find 2 of those, 2 very obvious markings differences, 1 not so obvious marking difference, 3 very hard to find texture differences on the rocks, 1 extra stalk, 1 crack on a rock.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm have to admit, this is probably the first game I couldn't beat the first level without a "cheat" of some kind. The paintings and music are really epic, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into this game just based off those two parts. However, I don't know what you fed that ape playtester, but this is extremely difficult bordering on impossible. Maybe it's just me, but trying to find one pixel-sized color difference between two stupidly similar pictures with one of them fuzzing and slightly moving isn't really fun. I seriously on the second level accidently found a rune UNDER the middle-bottom plate. I'm not sure if that's your idea of "well hidden", but's kind of rediculous when you have to find a difference with a picture you can't see. Also, the red markings when you find a rune are really distracting. They stand out the most from the pictures, so that's what your eyes are drawn to when you to look at them. Lastly, the Backup Runes stopped working for me after I only used them once. This game has great potential, keep it up!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was weird

This is definitley the first time I played a game where you spotted the differences and it actually had medals. I was really impressed by the unique design that was shown in the cut scenes. It was kind of disappointing to find that this was not an action game in itself as I had no idea it would be this! Of course, I am generally bad at RPG's anyway. I notice how the first couple of things are so easy to find given that there are so many to find. Then of course, along comes the time when it is impossible to find anything.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A little too difficult

Some of these differences are really hard to distinguish.

Also, I would have preferred it if using a Backup Rune actually displayed which difference I'd missed in the images, so I could learn from my mistakes.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm very satisfied now
After all really hard this game... I Solved it !

In second round i complete this game... well i`ve got 2 Medals.