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Hey Hey, Stoneage!

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This was my TOFA 2010 Open Round submission.


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Didn't expect that.

Loved the idea of cavemen in the present. It was funny and the main guy did something I would have seen myself do at that situation. After seeing this, I might consider twice.

- Animation/art is once again good
- Music choice is good
- Humor is there, again got me smiling
- Surprise ending, while dark, was pretty much perfect

I am not sure why they would eat the guy with the suit though. Perhaps to get his magical powers of the flame? I dunno. :P

Or perhaps they had trouble finding the supermarket.

Keep up your work!

4/5, 8/10

nice suit!

We've just had an election here in Australia and it felt just like this film. A bunch of cavemen following a leader who they really just want to eat... om nom nom. :U

molkman responds:

Cannibalism is the new hip

As always...

Top notch. I actually think this is one of your better works. I dunno if you meant it or not, but there was definitely a lot of social commentary. Can't wait to work with you again soon. :3

molkman responds:

And I have a feeling you will. ;)


The animation is quite smoothy, and it is pretty nice to have a different concept, everytime we watch a new animation.

Doing a concept about caveman and the current age was a great idea xD

It was good

Had nice animation, almost no story story yet it was entertainning. Nice work