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The Legend Of Nintendo 2

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After weeks of work and months and months of procrastination, here it is, the second episode of the ever-so-popular(?) The Legend Of Nintendo! Nah, I'm joking about the procrastination (a little...), but I do thank those people that have enjoyed the first episode and hopefully you will enjoy the following episodes to come.

If anybody does actually go to my account page and read the news, I did mention that this episode will cover as much of the storyline as possible and that it was going to be about 10 minutes long. However, I have thought about this and decided to go the totally opposite direction. Instead of 10 minutes long it's about 5 and a half, and instead of getting through as much of the story as I can, this episode is more funny bits than actual story. Just because it's not what you or I expected, please don't vote or comment harsh. I did make this for pure entertainment for the viewers like yourself.

Episode 3 is hopefully when these fuckers start fighting, so until then enjoy The Legend Of Nintendo Episode 2!!!

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actually the guy is called Bill R. (dont take it seriously)

I was simply like, LOL! Throughout the whole thing. Thanks for bringing this to us

Voice Actors

I know that i won't be the only one to say this to you. I really like the sprites and the Plot, and the animation everything. The only thing thats lackimg is voice acting. Even though your dialogue is pretty awesome reading the text boxes really detracts from your animation. Get yourself a bunch of voice actors and this will definitely become one of the more popular series on newgrounds.

DaZinga responds:

Check out my newest news post about voice acting

It was alright

I could tell the movie was full of halerious diologue, but I couldn't read it all.
Maybe some voice actingcan improve it.
Otherwise, it was alright.

And also, just looking at the amount of text that was at the beginning of the flash made me NOT want to give a rats ass about reading it.
I'm not saying the intro was usless, I think you just need to make the text a lot bigger.

Pretty Good, Was Funny

I Liked it, but the text boxes were kind of bland, but i did love how you kinda reversed link and contra's personalities... cause contra is a knucklehead, but link would be more of a tactitian xD but this is a parody and i say you did very well