[MBR] Vash vs Hank

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This is my second MBR Battle.
Happy to say i won the first one. But i am sad to say i might lose this one.
Credits to Benoa for the map. Rushed the ending. I was watching Mexico vs argentina so i was not so focused 8D
Work took alot of my time so i didnt get to make it longer.

Im very disapoint in this! The length of the video is tooo short and the ending is
waaay to rushed.

If you wish to see his animation go to this link.
http://i45.tinypic.com/2d 1n634.jpg


Bad-ass, just bad-ass! Rocks the casbah! Hardcore!


What you had looked good, but there just wasn't enough there. The text at the start had a typo and went by too fast (or perhaps I just read too slowly...) Either way, pausing the video there with a play button to continue would solve that issue.

The fight sequence looked nice but was far too short. Add more depth to this.

Good luck getting this passed. Put more time into your next one and you'll do well.

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Not a bad animation

I like the animation; you could be a future prodigy. I've been lurking the site for a while, so I should know. A tip for future animations: replay button. Most people don't want to see or hear the same sound effects/ music/ etc. over and over while, say, writing a review. Just a suggestion for the future. WAY future. After so many battles, make an episode where all those marks attempt to get revenge. Dead or not, it'd make for an interesting episode. Excellent work, though.

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KillerVash65 responds:

Actually, you just reminded me on what i was suppost to
write down.
Your idea is a good one.. And thanks for the tip on
the replay button, i also need a pre-loader. Thanks alot.

you fail

it was horible plus no menu,come on noob

KillerVash65 responds:

What is this?
Its an MBR battle.
Dont call me a noob since you have no idea that it should be short
in lenght and it doesnt not require one.
Im not wasting my time in a menu for a 30 second fight.
Dont say its horible for that reason.
Please explain why you believe it is bad.

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2.32 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2010
10:31 PM EDT