Crap Game Compilation 2

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JonBro's Crap Game Compilation 2

This is an assortment of crappy games I found on my computer. I figured since I already made one compilation like this, it wouldn't hurt to make one more with what I found. Apparently I have somewhat of a history of making crappy games, though my little joke games were actually more varied years ago than they have been recently. This compilation has the same number of games as the first, and though there is less content, there is more variety. In any case, depending on how skillful you are in the ways of connecting colors, kicking crowds of people, and evading spikes of death using the mouse, this should provide a good several minutes of entertainment, as well as show you a decent picture of what goes on in my brain.

I don't think there are any more crappy games worthy of a compilation on my computer so hopefully my next submission will be something that isn't a collection of crappy games lol


how to get secret ending on a game about courage: play as cloud and go to the ghost spiky things. then cloud will get his hair cut. then go back to the start and go left. the spiky thing dissapeared and you see a get here sign. go there to get secret ending.


JonBro responds:

I'm glad you liked them, but I won't make any more Crap Game Compilations. Not unless I make a lot more crappy games in my spare time, and I'd rather make games that aren't meant to be crap, if that makes sense.

it was a good game but almost imposible to beat


i hate to say it but i couldnt beat a couple of these lol

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Jun 27, 2010
7:56 PM EDT
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