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Mario vs Luigi test

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This is a test animation of Mario vs Luigi soon that will further put the real flash

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I'll give a nine, even that i'm sick of those kinds of flashes, but i'm not going to hate it just because i'm tired of seeing it. Everybody can do what they want right?

Well... It looks pretty good, and everything, but one thing that I didn't like was that the sound effects were Higher than the proper music. Yeah, it looks kinda stupid, but it would be cooler if you changed the music and lower the Sound effects a little bit. But instead great "test" flash. I DON'T WANNA SEE THE END. but you can do it. I'm just not going to see it =P


you made the fight pretty good but the animation was alittle scratchy
and why are they fighting? they just collide into each other. make it so one starts the fight. your sprites were great but your the way you used them was off. like when luigi says "okay doky" ( i cant spell ) you probly know thats a jump sprite.

but all together you did pretty nice.


after seeing so many mario vs sonic battles, it'll be nice to see mario fight luigi, can't wait to see the end

My opinion

It´s not really bad, but you should practice more before submitting the real flash. The sounds were okay, maybe use a different song and don´t forget to add a plot to the real flash.
Try to make the movement of the characters more fluid, and good luck with your future works. I´m sure you will improve.

That was okay.

Nice use of sound effects, but some of the sprites were kinda off. I would like to see the finished one though. Try a more original idea next time.