G.I.N.A part 3

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**Due to the heavy graphics you might want to watch this episode in low quality if you have a slow computer**


Couldn't finish it

Animation was great, terrible voice acting killed it. I watched 4min and 30sec of it before having to stop. Take as much time finding good voice actors who believe in their parts as you do in animating the project. My biggest problem was that it sounded like they were holding back, almost as if they were embarrassed of the lines they were delivering. That's my advice.

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Good Stuff.....

I think people are expecting to much , this is just a flash movie with great affects , direction and great colors. if people want great stories , go read a novel. good work mr. marin

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This is both Good and crappy at the same time.
i know that doesnt make sense, so im giving u a good score all the same.

I'm confused...

The action was great but I'm lost on the storyline from the first two. And I thought the telepathic dude and the captain guy were the same person. Owww! My head.

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the pay off for your experience

You already drawed a lot and animated a lot, the animation is great and so are the sounds, the only thing you lack experience is voice acting, i'm glad you finally have voice acting, but the audio quality of the voices is really bad.

concerning the history, the only thing that hinders it is the cliche main character, aside from that, there's nothing amazing on it

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4.26 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2010
10:44 AM EDT