luffi vs buu preview

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ENGLISH/INGLES:a small test of my next animation hope you like it, aver if someone accuses me of being unoriginal.
And remember that it has no end because is only one real forward motion of the animation.
Proponer una traducción mejor

ESPAÑOL/SPANISH:un pequeño test de mi siguiente animacion que espero les guste, aver si alguien me acusa de ser poco original.
Y recuerden que no tiene final porque es solo un avanse de la animacion verdadera.

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al parecer a ningun gringo le gusto mucho xD
sigue a si .


Pues esta chido man pro bueno a ver como termina... chance es tiempo de cambiar a algo un poko diferente.. las peleas son chidas pro... mmm bueno no se ekis, aja chido i ps interesante mezcla de personajes ;)

So So

its very smooth I would say you should have given it an ending
you have talent and will get much better in due time
Every one will definetly appriciate your future posts


a y si eso era por mi eso fue un consejo pero cool la animacion

it wasn't bad, but not pratical...

The flash itself wasnt too bad, there could be a few small improvements, but they will come with practice. The major problem i had is that there is no victor. i know that you said this was a test, but if you upload a flash and don't plan to delete it, you should at least have some type of ending. When referring to practicality i mean that there is no chance that luffy would even stand a chance against buu in a fight. i mean one energy bast to destroy the planet, buu wins no questions asked.

improvements needed:
- when using sprites never zoom in too far, seeing the pixes that big is just annoying
-personally i dont like to hear the Japanese vocalization of attacks, i mean i have no clue what it means. If you put subs in the flash this would be fine
- the sound effects of birds and stuff is just over used in your flash and quickly gets to be a pain
- i would like to see some sort of back story as to why the characters are fighting, what is the point, what is going on in their minds, ect.

words of advice/ mistakes that i have seen others make:
- background changes are nice, if you plan to use them make sure that they flow from one to the next in a way that makes sense, dont just switch backgrounds from a forest to a city
- just have fun while doing the project and realise that some people hate sprite animation. i mean there is nothing wrong with it, but sprite fights are so over done, try to come up with something really original and you will get browny points with the reviewers.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2010
9:08 PM EDT