Pacman Scribble

June 26, 2010 –
August 17, 2010
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Author Comments

Better Pacman Mod than the infamous "Awesome Man".
I wasn't going to be lazy, so I draw the sprites myself instead of editing bitmaps, and replacing the sprites with the edited bitmaps.


Good job! It's really smooth, but there could have been something new to it.

stiped paper like in scool is good idea, and game is from 90x, when i was in scool... i like idea of redesign but game is to old and so many remakes, need something new. but i give 4/7

This version has the best controls yet.

I love this. This is so original, and the animation is smooth, I give this a 10-star, 5-vote points! Thanks for occupying my time.

Though pretty much faithful to the source material (i.e. just another pac-man game), you've put together a pretty good version of it. The controls are smooth, the AI is good (though the ghosts all seem to behave the same way, instead of with subtle variations like the original), and the graphics stay true to the "sketch" theme. I found the eraser appearing at the loss of a life to be a nice touch. A good and solid, if unspectacular, effort.

Cool....but there's one thing that bothers em
The Controls Menu isn't working, at least for me :X
The AI of the ghosts is okay, they aren't easy to avoid :D
···Overall:30/40 (7.5 Stars)

yeah, its awesome to see pac man in a different medium than bitmap editing. I actually thought of something like this for classic video games, but I have no flash skills lol. I think the pencil eraser for the death animation is was also a great idea.

Fun was had by myself i must admit ;) the rubbing out pencil was nice lol

I like what you've done with it, nice edition with the eraser.


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3.44 / 5.00